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Which nation's product is regarded as the best quality?

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That is to say, Made in "?" is strongest.
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owenowen said:
That is to say, Made in "?" is strongest.
Not sure - If something is 'made in Japan' it gives an alure of Quality and strenght - though Japan now outsources most of its manufacturing. German and Swiss products would probably be up there too.

Japan, easily.

It used to be Germany, but not anymore.
in terms of cofee....100% Café de Colombia :happy:
i think Germany and Japan - however so much is out sourced I guess we have to think of design when it comes to manufacturing.
Yeah, it's very much Japan. With cars, Japanese cars don't have the character of some European cars but you know it's a quality product and won't let you down.
Personally, I like British and Italian cars - the two countries with the worst reputation in the automotive industry.
as for product, manufacture, german stuff still is solid and such but yep, some faulty designs around, siemens knows about that, and mercedes just joined the club

also sweden exports good prods
eusebius said:
also sweden exports good prods
I was gonna say Sweeden but then I thought of Ikea - LOL. Volvo and Saab are well known for quality.

The best products are still ones with the highest amount of highly skilled hand-made input and high quality components. So any place that has high labour costs means the market for those products is generally limited to high-end products...not mass-produced products which rely on lower quality and lower costs to manufacture.

Most european countries fit this bill....but "Swiss-made" still seems to hold the most cashe...and has for a long time.

I drive a 2001 VW Passat, and its maintenance costs are hard to swallow. But it is definitely a unique car, it drives well and it has a structure as solid as what one would expect of a car from Deutschland.

German cars and products are great, but Japanese cars seem to require much less maintenance.
Made in GERMANY of course.
When it comes to marihuana the Netherlands! Best quality product! Oh yeah, and our clogs are top notch! :D

When it comes to icecream, Italy.
When it comes to cars, Japan.
When it comes to chocolates, Belgium.
Made in Japan, NO DOUBT!!
It seems that everything is "Made in China" these days. :lol:
few decades ago, Made in Japan implied poor quality....
today, Made in China means poor quality....
Usually all high prize countries have to produce quality products, as they couldn't export non-quality products at those prices. You can't produce cheap in Switzerland, so you have to produce quality stuff.
N/A said:
few decades ago, Made in Japan implied poor quality....
today, Made in China means poor quality....
Most countries in the world were poor few decades ago say 1950s and 1960s. But the Japanese economy was still better than Britain and France at the time. Japan surpassed Germany in 1967 and became the world's second largest economy. Until few years ago, Japan's per capita income was the largest in the world. Made in China really is poor quality and you can't use the same reasoning as Japan's, where has been distorted by full of prejudiced anti-Japan media all over the world. There is no reason the Chinese products deliberately claim being Japanese instead of being Chinese if they really are of good quality. Japan has never claimed anyone's products as Japanese.
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