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Which Museum design is the best?

  • Tampa's Museum of Art Design

    Votes: 10 40.0%
  • Tampa's Hitstory Museum Design

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • Tampa's Children's Museum Design

    Votes: 8 32.0%

Which New DT Tampa Museum Design do you Like the Best? (Art, History, or Children's)

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So, now that the new designs for all 3 of the newly designed museums in Downtown have been released, which one do you like the best, and why?



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So far, I like the kids museum best - of course I have no idea how it will be sighted or the materials, but that is my initial impression.

The history museum is handicapped by the fact that it is in the wrong place. . . and what is with those stupid pictures - those will look good after a couple of months of summer. I thought those people were supposed to be in touch with the history of the area. . .
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The current art museum must have been the inspiration for the new one. None of the 3 are very inspiring. Not at all in my opinioin.
The interior of the TMA looks good to me, but I like the exterior of the childrens museum the best, not to fond of the TMA although the materials list and its features does sound innovative.
The history museum looks awfully generic, and perhaps a decade or so out of date. Children's museum not bad, but looks a bit like a cruise ship terminal. Belongs in Channelside. The art museum's not bad at all, has a nice clean look and I like the void. Looks a little suburban, though.
TMA for sure. I saw more about the project today, and I'm totally digging it...

Then again, one must understand that I'm a bit of a fan of the 'glass house' concept, such as that seen produced by Philip Johnson at his estate, or Van Der Rohe's Farnworth House.

My 'problem' with the Saitowitz solution is that I'm also a big fan of large overhangs and louvers to prevent too much direct sunlight from entering the interior spaces (something I'm sure I took to from studying FLW's designs)... I would have loved to have seen a facade of vertically aligned louvers, which can rotate to become a protective skin for the structure during a storm....
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Not that it matters too much, but doesn't it seem that the subject of the history museum would fit in more around the art museum and the library and the children's museum primary suject matters would fit in more near the kid-friendly Aquarium. Just a passing thought. No real big deal.
^that's crazy talk... Everyone knows that the best place to put a childrens' museum is right next to things like railroad tracks, walled in rivers, and congested 6 lane roads...


Granted, the history center site still has the channel to worry about, but otherwise it is a far more 'sedated' location, and pretty much always will be because of what surrounds it.
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For me, the Children Museum. It is very awe-inspiring and very suited for the nature, both design and qualities and activities that will be given to the visitors of the museum.

Now on the subject of the history museum. I believe the best area that the meseum should had been placed is in the area of Ybor. That is widely where Tampa got it's popularity from.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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