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For instance Puebla where I live, a city 75 miles away from Mexico city holds the record for:

- The city with the most churches in the world
- The first library ever in the american continent was built here
- It also has the first Block Buster movie theater in the world.

- Puebla's SAM'S club made it to the guiness record when on the opening day it recovered the investment costs and generated profit.

Records in Mexico

- Puebla is the largest city in Mexico without a subway or light train.
- The safest city with a population over two million.

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L.A. , most Mexicans in a city after Mexico City.

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Zurich has since years the highest quality of life in the world ;)

It has the most frequented train station for its population (360'000 passengers and 2900 trains per day).

Highest density of Nobel Prize winners (alone the ETH brought 21!)

Biggest clock on the continent and biggest on a church (St.Peter) in the world

Masoala Halle: biggest artificial rainforest on the continent

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Groningen is the bicycle city of the world (with 200000 bikes on 180000 residents and 50% of all the journeys made by bicycle.
Second: the tallest people of the world are living here (an average of 1.86 m.).

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A few global ones for Manchester...

First passenger train
First public library
First fire station
First bus service
First industrial estate
First commuter town
First modern computer
First split atom
First trade union
First suffragette movement
First municipal park
First mechanical submarine
First scheduled airline service
First professional orchestra
First football league
First street lighting
First Paralympic world cup
Largest sports club
Largest public sculpture

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(german) Wikipedia mentions the following (worldwise ou european-wide) records for Hamburg:

- most bridges within city limits (more than 2500)
- biggest municipality in the EU which is not the capital of its country
- biggest consular place in europe (2nd biggest in the world, to be fair though: most of them are honorary consulates)
- biggest port for carpet trading
- The district Wilhelmsburg is europe's biggest river island

I also guess that Hamburg has the:
- lowest density in europe for a city with more than 1 million inhabitants (density at 2322 inh/sq km)

I leave out the various national records etc.

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HK has several records or had this records

-Tallest building in Asia back in the mid 90s
-Densest city in the world
-World's freeiest economy
-Best skyline
-Centre of finance in the Asia Pacific region
-Busiest container port
-Best airport
-First to use a smart card system in public transportation
-First to have all double-decker tram fleet
-No.1 tourist destination of an Asian city
-Film capital of Asia

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Busiest highway in the world (401 Highway)
Tallest building in the world (well, for another couple months)
Largest retractable roof in the world (Skydome)
Largest Italian community outside Italy
Skinniest skyscraper by width to height ratio (1 King West)
Largest Facebook community in the world
Home to oldest company in North America (Hudson's Bay Company)
Absorbs largest influx of legal immigrants of any city in the Western world
Listed by the UN as the most ethnically diverse city in the world
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