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Which S&B country will get a 200m tall skyscraper first?

  • Denmark

    Votes: 5 6.6%
  • Estonia

    Votes: 4 5.3%
  • Finland

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Iceland

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Latvia

    Votes: 8 10.5%
  • Lithuania

    Votes: 14 18.4%
  • Norway

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Sweden

    Votes: 42 55.3%

Which S&B Country will get a 200m skyskraper first?

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According to , Sweden holds the record of having the tallest skyscraper in S&B with the Turning Torso at 190m.

So, My question to you is, Which country do you think will get a 200m tall skyscraper first?


Also.. which city in the country do you think will get it?

(Also state why you believe it will be in "that" country)
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Unfortunately, nobody in Denmark will have the balls to build anything that tall... :( Same goes for Finland.... Iceland is pretty much out of the question. Sweden just got the Kista Science Tower and Turning Torso, so it will be a while before the next tall one there.
I think it'll be one of the Baltic States, probably Lithuania (Vilnius), followed by Tallinn, Estonia.
^ It's the same attitude here. So one of the baltic countries. Riga maybe, since it's the biggest city in the baltics?
I think first will be Sweden,because it is the biggest country in S&B region
next one could be Riga or Vilnius,because Riga is the biggest in the Baltics and Vilnius builds more highrises.
Tallinn wont get any 200m skyscrapers yet,because they just wouldn't fit in
A single skyscraper doesn't make cities beautiful
I guess maybe Sweden and then Stockholm. What about the solna tower, will it be built or will they build the two 30 floors instead?
@Swede, Atlantica?

Center of Solna
Solna is enjoying tremendous growth. Solna city, Skanska and Rodamco Sverige AB are now going a step further to present perhaps the most exciting city centre development in Sweden. The project includes an approximately 200 metre residential tower block with housing on 60 storeys.
The building will be an unmissable symbol for the new Solna City Centre and a landmark for the entire Stockholm region. The project also includes office developments along Solnavägen and Frösundaleden plus new shops in the centre.
i have no idea, a 200 m scraper would really fit in tallinn like estboy sayd, first well get a couple of 140m ones and then things will develope, by bet is that a 200m tower might be feasible and possible in 2012-13. I think Sweden would knock it off first, since they are already very close, Riga is also very likely to get that since they already have 40+ floorers planned and nearly uc stage, vilnius needs a bit thought, it would have similar problem as Tallinn i guess.
I voted Sweden, although impossible to say. They've set new standards for highrises in the region with TT, and already has a serious proposal that could reach the height.

Could of course also be in the Baltics, my guess would be Riga, but then again all 3 countries are pretty much booming so it could be any.

All I'm sure of is that it wont be in Denmark, although I of course would like to see that;)
i hope it'll be riga. i'm quite sure riga will be the future skyscrapercapital of our region ;)

a 200m scraper wouldn't fit in tallinn. at least in the current city center...

vilnius... don't know... possible...

still, i think the first one will be in sweden. maybe in malmö it wouldn't fit cause it'd make tt look too small... so... i'd vote for stockholm.
Sweden's quickly becoming the most progressive culture in our region in terms of architecture. Finnish society is still the most conservative, but quite frankly, Norway and Denmark aren't really that different from Finland. I think it is clear that Sweden has the highest likelihood of getting a 200 meterer built since they already have a proposition for it. On the other hand, the surroundings in Solna are not really enough to absorb a tower that tall, and I think the urban planners know that. Personally, I'd say that it is just a matter of time until Sweden gets a building 200m tall, but not necessarily a short matter of time. In the rest of the Nordic countries we can only dream, but who knows of Baltia? They clearly are very open-minded toward tall buildings.
Unless some small town blindsides us with a 200m building, I'd guess Stockholm or the Baltic capitals (primarily Riga) will be first. If it is Stockholm I'd bet it'll be a residential building but in the Baltics I'd say office building.

@ringil - I haven't heard any news at all about that for a long time now. It is part of a 10+ year plan tho, so I wouldn't expect anything detailed yet.
Swede, i agree, in baltics riga would certainly be the one to make a 200m tower, as they have a artificial cluster (so to speak) they can plan in advance where and how, in Tallinn it isnt that you just build a 200m tower (it would look awful, totally overshadowing the others) you just cant built one, uh and, i belive a 200m tower here would be residential:).
Sweden I suppose. If not then perhaps noone, at least not in the neasest 50 years or so ;)
Latvia, Estonia or Sweden. Not sure which of these, not Norway will probably never get a 200m tall skyscraper, probably not a another 100m tower!
John said:
Sweden I suppose. If not then perhaps noone, at least not in the neasest 50 years or so ;)
50 years is a long bet, i guess by 50 years we all will have 200m+ scrapers :) Im guessing 50 years back everyone sayd nah, well never have a scraper in our towns... its just American, look at the situation now...

edit: Very interesting topic btw :eek:kay:
Christian said:
Latvia, Estonia or Sweden. Not sure which of these, not Norway will probably never get a 200m tall skyscraper, probably not a another 100m tower!

hmm, why is norway so anti-scraper? It seems weird, last time i checked there wasnt a very touristy important old town to preserve? Is it because you are so conservative? And dont leed to lash with wealth (Thats what most are doing in balts , cept residential towers ofcourse ;))
Christian/\ you never know ... look at TT .. its the first "real" skyscraper that Sweden has .. the next tallest is around 120m which is around the tallest in a lot of the other S&B countries .. and the location of TT isnt exactly perfect either .. there are no highrises around it, but still people are completely in love with it .. (and i obviously dont blame them ;) )

Anyways, I for some reason think it'll be Sweden as well. Like everyone has already said, Denmark, Norway, and Finland arent ready yet to say Yes to a project that tall.. Riga and Vilnius however, are booming like crazy with highrises .. They have more highrises then all of the other Scandinavian cities .. So it seems like it would be more realistic for them to say yes to a project that tall then any of the other scandi-countries .. im really not sure though .. its hard to say. :hm:
I hope Denmark will get it first :D Mostly in Ørestad. That would be great.

What part of Copenhagen/Amager/Denmark is right across Malmø? Is that Ørestad?
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well, Swedens TT is reassuring and really, who of us would have voted Sweden if TT hadnt been built? Noone?
/\ exactly my point :)
^ I don't know. Sweden has always built hi-rises more than the rest of us, both in absolute numbers and proportionally. Besides, even if TT's the reason why most voted for Sweden, there is no reason to believe they wouldn't built another one. Also, the Scandinavian tower and Solna tower were serious proposals, not just visions.
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