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Which structure Identifies your City

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Which structure,building,monument identifies ur city...

Pictures,Comments...plz post them here.
:) :)
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Hong Kong - Bank of China

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St.Petersburg, Florida
The Skyway Bridge for now is our most identifiable structure.

I guess are tallest could be one too.

Maybe our new tallest might become the new identifiable structure or even the second building.

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it should be the infinity column
Toronto, Canada

CN Tower
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Hi everyone,
I am from the Mars and the our identity is our red soil :lol(yes we do laugh).

I like the concept of this thread and the pics are gud tooo.

But could you please clearly mention the city name and the structure name so that i can identify it, coz i dont know much about planet earth.

wjfox2002- is that the Big Ben in London?

ReddAlert and I-275westcoastfl - i cant guess what city or structure is that?
Hudkina! would you mind telling us the name of that?

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz edit ur post,coz its difficult to identify those things from mars(google dont run here)
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SuperWario said:
For me and my small town its the local Job Center.

You serious?

Seattle's space needle
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dhuwman said:
You serious?
I come from a small town.We dont really have too many well known landmarks.The Job center is probably the most well used building in the area.It was designed in the late 80s by a local architect who recently passed away.

R.I.P.He was a very devoted man who gave his time to our community.This building was one of his finest.
Madrid doesn't have an unique symbol which identified the city, but maybe one of most famous is the Royal Palace, in the center of the old downtown and surrounded by parks. A few pics of this beautiful building ;)

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Wow!! those are great pics..
i luv it , every1 is showing the real thing rather than just trying to impress with skyscrapers.

Keep 'em coming mates!!!
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