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Who the hell moved my thread ? This forum is about SELFMADE URBAN PHOTOS and thats what my thread was about

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I spend allot of time showcasing my photos of Cape Town and that was long before I started my blog
This particular forum says its for showcasing your own urban photos
I dont seem to be allowed to do that or have my own opinion
so are there different rules for different members ?

^^ I can see why you consider it to be provocative :lol:

Don't get discouraged by some of the above comments Joanne. You're doing a great job with your blog and beautiful photos. You're entitled to your opinion of Cape Town being the most beautiful stadium in the world, it sure looks great and if such a title would exist, Greenpoint sure could be nominated for it. But it is not appropriate as a topic title and since a thread about the Cape Town World Cup stadium already exists, this one will be deleted or merged with the existing one, suppressing the useless replies ;)

I truly appreciate your comment

I coulnt believe my eyes just now
my post has been moved
from a forum about
Thats what my thread is about !
My own photos and
My own opinion
I am NOT familiar with this Forum I dont spend time reading or commenting unless its the Green Point Stadium thread

I post photos here thats why I am a member here
I have posted photos showing what in my opinion is the most beautiful stadium in the world if you dont agree with that well tough
I thought I was doing people a favour by showing our stadium
taking my precious time off to post them here
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Sorry to hear about the thread! I think that is out of order and if they are going to be like that, perhaps you could start a thread on Cape Town generally and dedicate posts to the Stadium which is primarily what you were trying to show off to us. It certainly is a beautiful stadium and Cape Town itself is a lovely city by the looks of it so perhaps by starting a Cape Town thread it will actually stay where it is supposed to and people will reply to it in the Urban Showcase.

Hope that helps. :)
Bristol Mike
Your stadium thread got moved to a stadium forum. This forum is for general urban photography. If you make a GENERAL photography thread about Cape Town, it will be welcome here. I moved your thread to the "Under Construction" section of "Stadiums and Sport Arenas", and it appears another moderator merged it with another existing thread on the same subject. Please consider making a general photography thread of your city for this section! :)

I have sent a pm to you. If you are still not clear on which forum is for what topic, please pm me back. We make every effort here at SSC to ensure that photo threads are placed in the correct section. Please DO NOT make another discussion thread like this in this section, as that is not what Urban Showcase is for. Thank you.
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