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The idea is meant to be inspirational rather than city v city - so no poll (which would also impede contributions from the smaller cities). But feel free to express your opinion, and please, post in the many examples of cutting edge design around Australia I will have missed. I'm particularly thin on examples outside Melbourne ...

But I'll start in Perth, out on The Edge. Renders of the newly-announced $320 Perth Arena by Ashton Raggatt McDougall promises to be one of the best-looking stadiums I've seen:

Drawn from renders posted by Docker, Dilaz89 and earlier versions from Perth4life

Adelaide will have more than I know about. The spectacular tower proposed at 20-22 Currie Street (31 storey, 123m) by local architecture firm Tectvs is one of the few towers I'll use on the thread. It will put Adelaide back on the skyline map imho. Thanks to unrecorded posters...

A lot for Melbourne - I just know my way around here more. But I suspect it's leading this field in Australia at present.

There is a plethora of stunning pictures of Federation Square. These were published in the portfolio which won Lab Architecture Studio and Associate Architects Bates Smart a 'Best New Global Design' award at the Chicago Atheneum Museum of Architecture and Design's international competition last year.

photo by Trevor Mein

John Gollings

Peter Clarke

REPRESENTING Docklands, and its host of cutting edge design features, an image by a cutting edge photographer, Mugley, of the footbridge and marina in front of the Yarra Edge towers.

Invincible posted this picture of the immigration sculptures on the Queen Street Bridge, but confused me with a crediting reference to CC-BY-SA 2.5.

Melbourne Recital Centre and MTC complex
now rising on Southbank Boulevard, by Ashton Raggatt McDougall again.

Southern Cross Station, by London's Nicholas Grimshaw, associate Daryl Jackson. Odd (to me, anyway) how much of the cutting edge architecture is appearing through public building projects.

By The Olderfleet



Now I'm in a quandary. I don't know what to post for Sydney. SOH of course has remained at the forefront of cutting edge architecture for 34 years, and it 's just timeless.
I haven't been up there for a while, so please fill the gap.

Meantime, not sure whether it's cutting edge in bridge construction terms, but - because it's a fabulous looker, I'm posting Anzac Bridge.

Completed in 1995. Designed by the not-very-wild-sounding Road and Traffic Authority of NSW, no other name given on Wikipedia, anyway. Australia's, and one of the world's longest cable-stayed bridges.

Japanese visitor's image

My Kanji is no longer good enough to read his/her signature up there on the top of the bridge:

Similarly I'm in a spot with limited street knowledge of Brisbane. I choose the curvy 283m Vision by the Buchan group to represent all the great and innovative design towers about to go up there.

Over to others. Thanks. Bronte

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What a fab idea. I really hope we can just post some pics of great architecture.

Well here are some great designs from Sydney. Some are very old but that is merely a testiment to there timeless ability to look cutting edge.

(pics are not mine, i'll try to quote the artist if i can)
Harry's Capita Centre still floats my boat.

No comment

My fav scraper in Oz and def one of my fav's anywhere on earth.

(pic by Tays?)

Any more cutting egde and you'll lose an eye.

I think the Railway square bus shelter is pretty cutting edge. The great thing about it is that it serves it's function perfectly. I hate the stupid laterns tho. The underground walkway is also quite cutting edge and it certainly looks like something from a computer game. Does anyone else realise that there are faces behind the glass. Only a couple but they are there.

(pics off the net)


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Some more.

Pic by Cul. Design is fab, idea is bad.

Pic by LanceDriver of new Thorpe Aquatic centre.

Some proposed

The new Westfield Tower

Oh the Goodsell tower will def be cutting edge. Pity we'll have to wait to see the design Cul keeps raving on about.

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Bronte, great thread...but your final picture of the Anzac Bridge...isn't the Anzac Bridge.
OMG, I'm not too sharp this morning. I was thinking the photographer had done some clever photoshopping - maybe I wasn't thinking at all. Could be that Japanese or Chinese article was casting doubts on the originality of the brilliant but unnamed designers of the Road and Traffic Authority of NSW. I'll leave it there for fun anyway.

Cut and paste, rather than cutting edge, eh? Well, I don't know whose bridge was first - it still looks brilliant anyway.

Here - posted by the totally reliable and foolproof Collector - is the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on Sturt Street in Melbourne's arts precinct. I feel quite sure this the ACCA:

Yes, that's the City Link Burnley Tunnel exhaust stack, and 'Vault.' I think, the peripatetic "Yellow Peril" sculpture, found a home at last. Yep, I think this is the ACCA.


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Olderfleet/Adamonline! I have to ask, I am no way a professional photogopher, any good I have taken are fluked. In simple english and I hope you respond, how do you get such beautiful dusk/night photos? What camera do you have? I so would love and want to take photos like that!

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ARM: Three projects in three cities

We've seen their renders with the Perth Arena and the Melbourne Recital Centre/MTC ...

The 20-year-old collaboration that is Ashton Raggatt McDougall has brought new uses of colour, form and illumination to the streetscapes of Australia. Here's an survey of three of their projects in three cities...Adelaide's suburban Marion, Melbourne and Canberra (taken from their website)

Marion Cultural Centre, Marion SA (2001) ...(a building that seems to spell the city's name)

Storey Hall, RMIT University, Melbourne 1996
The brief, in part, was to create an international standard exhibition space and auditorium that would make a contribution to Achitectural theory and practice, as well as reflecting RMIT, its history and its mission...


ceiling skylights...

at the entrance

over the auditorium


National Museum of Australia, Canberra (2001)


entrance hall

exterior wall

rustic imagery - it's called the loop...

Stephen Ashton, Howard Raggatt, Ian McDougall

ARM also won the comnpetition for the Leftbank building in Sydney's King Street Wharf precinct facing Darling Harbour: I'm not sure of its status


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ARM also won the comnpetition for the Leftbank building in Sydney's King Street Wharf precinct facing Darling Harbour: I'm not sure of its status
I do believe that's the site upon which Macquarie Bank's new office is now being built. Was Leftbank supposed to be a joke? It looks nasty compared to ARM's other work (actually I partially take that back - the other sides are a little better).


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Two Practices

Continuing with a look at the work of some of our cutting edge design firms:

Big things come out of Denton Corker Marshall: although their WTB Grollo Tower was never built, 101C and the Bolte Bridge were. John Denton, Bill Corker and Barrie Marshall established in Melbourne in 1972. They now have offices in London, Manchester, and Jakarta, employ around 120 architects, and perform design projects world-wide.
Oversea projects include the visitor centre at Stonehenge, and Manchester's Civil Justice Centre.

101C Melbourne

The sound tube on the Tullamarine Freeway leading to the Melbourne Gateway coloured column sculptures

I found this on a different site, but it - or something remarkably similar - was taken by our The Olderfleet.
Merlbourne Gateway - the angled yellow column is 70m long, the reds are 30m

Again, the sinuous Yarra foot and bike crossing at Yarra's Edge.

Brisbane Square - the tower's colours were darkened apparently from this early render

Wood Marsh

Roger Wood (right) and Randal Marsh come out of RMIT University and established their partnership in 1983.

They told The Age last year that they believed contemporary design in Melbourne was the equal or better than any other city in the world. They proved their point with the metrocurvular Yve apartments, done for the Sohails, on St Kilda Road :

A few more from the stunning essay by Velco posted on the Walking Melbourne site. There's more on the Metrocurvular buildings of Australia thread:

Yarra's Edge 5:

The Gottlieb House in Caulfield

And a nice one of the entrance to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on Sturt Street, in the Melbourne arts precinct.

Next: Nation Fender Katsalidis

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melb has great cultural bldgs.
Sydney has finest "cutting edge" office towers i think especially its new generation. DB place simply is so far ahead of other oz office towers it aint funny.
with more to come. 2 to come this year with being winners of design comps. The bent/bligh st tower will be an incredible office structure. 140m high oval shaped tower with twin clear glass facades to allow sun/air flow through tower which has full height void.The latest comp winner is the winning scheme for Mirvacs goodsell site. It will be a circular tower set on 40m stilts with clear glazing and air vents throughout tower with rooftop glass house . really outstanding architecture.

the lowrise Mac bank HQ which has recently commenced in King st wharf will be a unique office bldg to Australia. Its stainless steel tubular frame is set on outside with massive column free floors 100m long separated with 50m high internal atrium.
Architects knew there new HQ couldnt be tall ,so they created a unique design to stand out as viewed from west from sydney harbour!

everyone forgets about one of sydneys great 5star green bldgs, the HQ for Lend lease on Hickson rd. Ive been on tour and its an amAzing plan over 100m long. incorporates a 20m highs sandstone wall as a feature.

DB place openday

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