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Hello all. Welcome to Part 2 of my Friday afternoon trek - turning into my Friday evening trek. In Part 2 I start off in Yaletown proper, hop across the Cambie Street Bridge to the new seawall section at the u/c Olympic Village, and then make my way down the seawall along the south shore of False Creek just in time for a sunset at 'Kits' (Kitsilano) Beach.

And for any of you who may have missed it... Part 1:


The Opus Hotel... where we last left off:

And out of Yaletown proper into greater Yaletown

When you look at this with Google maps/earth it looks like a giant leaf

A large 'green' wall

I double-back a bit here to grab some dinner - at Ebi Ten (fast food Japanese place)

Backside of the Vancouver Public Library

Inside Ebi Ten (sorry, a bit blurry)

Some new podium townhouses

Concession stand/food court at the downtown Costco

Walking up the onramp for the Cambie Street Bridge

Olympic Village in view

On the other side of False Creek

Looking back towards downtown

The new section of the seawall was officially opened a few days ago (though has been at least partially accessible for ~6 months

These buildings u/c will help house the athletes for the 2010 Winter Olympics and thereafter become people's condos

People just seem to love these new swiveling chairs

My personal favourites are these new lounge chairs... so comfortable.

New 'kayak-shaped' bridge

I had fun climbing around these blocks

Making my way to Kits Beach

A seal in the water

More geese

And finally at Kits Beach

And the only (slightly) out of order pic to end things off:

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Part 2 is everybit as good as part 1. Thanks again for sharing. Have you considered taking some pictures of the other municipalities and suburbs of greater Vancouver?

If so I would love too see them!:)
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