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Why NYC is so great that one can't help but laugh

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I was in Europe recently and on a train.

A guy named Paul (nice guy) from San Diego was talking to my wife and I. I told him I live in New York.

His first response:

"Hey! I heard Whole Foods is there now. WOW!"

I was like (in my mind) "what the f&(*?"

Does this guy have any idea that there are 1000 different places in New York (at least Manhattan), perhaps on nearly every street corner, that are just as good (if not better) than Whole Foods and nearly none of them are chains? Organic whole food super-awesome yuppie marts are in abundance here, spilling out into every block!

A guy somewhere else in the forums is eager to get a Trader Joe's in his neighborhood. Trader Joe's? Nice, but please... America will never get it.

This really isn't bragging, but it's more just a release of something that I couldn't help but finally express. I never lived in New York until this year, but I have no doubt in my mind that this place just has EVERYTHING that I've ever valued as a lover of cities, to the 10th power. Who needs chains?

The above anecdote, of course, just being 1 tiny example.
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Hey! I work at Whole Foods!
Thats pretty funny. That being said, Whole Foods meat isn't even real meat. At least not the one in Time Warner Center.
The whole foods market at Time Warner is BAD!I just convinced my mom to shop down at a local groccery store for a much cheaper price rather then using Gristeades.
^^^ yeah gristedes is some garbage shit
Assiocated Supermarkets near my apt is the best
Pathmark, represent.
We have lots of Trader Joe's and Whole foods, but I would love to have Zabar's and Dean and DeLucca's in LA.
king kullen... wait, what the **** happened to king kullen?
king kullen... wait, what the **** happened to king kullen?
Theyre still around I think further on Long Island though
Howzabout Agata and Valentina?
I know that I am late on this discussion, but don't listen to what those people said, especially if they don't live anywhere near NYC themselves.
whole foods is the "it" place these days.
so is food town
with all of its store design in early ghetto
Yeah Whole foods and Dagistinos seem to be the cool places to go now....., I cant be bothered with going to the store. :)
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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