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Why the (self)segregation still persists even today?

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It took a hundred yearrs since Lincol declaration untill LBJ's Civil Rights Act for the black ofiicialy have the basisc rights of a civilized society, yet today, half a century after the segregation or self-segregation stiil persits! Why? Why do we see racially divided cities, the cities wich you would expect to be more progressive more liberal, more open minded?
Why even today blacks and whites don't want to interfere each other (except at the job), and don't socialise, don't hung up each other? Why it's so hard to change the way of thinking of the whites about blacks and vice-versa?
Look, even the irish and italians managed to de-enclavise and make peace one another, to mix in the same neighborhood, the asians as well...only blacks haven't!
If you look various documentaries in the '70's from NYC about white fearing the coming of the blacks in their neighborhood, judgind with today's head you would say: "oh my god, what foolish they were, they didn't know that the black also have the same rights like them and it's normal to live one next another"!
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Segregation is no longer based on race, but rather socio-economic standing.
There are some racially segregated areas in U.S. cities, but the vast majority of American neighborhoods are diverse. Remember not to judge an entire society based on its extremes...and because some groups of people decide to live among those they are racially compatible with is not an indictment of the entire society.

U.S. cities are not vastly different from other world cities in this regard. Many world cities have ethnic neighborhoods where one particular race is very prevalent.
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