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Why there are no more Macau People in Macau? Pls Discuss~~

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Hi All, I would like to put up a topic here, pls lets discuss it about it. I have been very concerned lately, Why there are so little Macau people in Macau. Let me put it to this way, I consider true Macau people (local people) as in those who "grew up" or "were born" in Macau. In other words, these people would think Macau as their first hometown, like me, even tho I have migrated to Australia., I still see myself as I Macaese (Either 100% Portuguese, 100% Chinese or Eurasians, as long as they were born or grew up in Macau).

If we look at the scientisfic way, there are only less than 500,000 people in Macau. Okay, and I can dare say that there are only half of this population are true Macaese people. so, for example, there is only 250,000 people who could be born in Macau or grew up in Macau. and look!! there are too many people comming from China these days, or even Philipines. AT the same time, there could be another 400,000 to 500,000 tourists staying in Macau (in or out) every day.

Therefore, Macau people(100% local) have become a minority population in Macau. I just found this is very annoying . very very annoying !!!! Let me tell you guys a few experience I had. some of my friends from Australia andHK went to Macau a while ago. Most new immigrants in Macau are from Mainland China (everybody knows!!!).

First of all, they dun speak porperly ( i would like to say, the common speakin language in Macau is still Cantonese). I took them to a few restaurants. all those staff there were speakin like..hell!! they didnt understand what we said. and I didnt even have a freaking clue about what they said!!! thats unacceptable, thats the place I was born n grew up, why suddenly I have become someone who has to get used to live in this place again???

Second of all, my aussie frds asked me why Macau people talk funny and they like jaywalking (they dun have the same feeling about HK)..okay..u know what. I found its very frustrating and embarassing. I just told them, most people they met on the way in Macau are not really real Macaese,HK and Macau people should speak the Cantonese with the same accent. my frd even said the Cantonese Macau people speaking is like "Vietmanese",,I was like Hell NO! but anyhow this did give my friends the image what people are like!!

Ok, let me conclude a bit here, I have discussed this topic with a few friends already, we all can say, if u pick maybe 10 people in Macau, there could 5 or 6 of them are from China or Philipines. so only 4 out of 10 could be real Macaese. I jus feel its very SAD because the culture somehow got affected. and the quality that people have is actually getting worse. okay..If ur from London, you would be proud ur from there, if ur from NY, u might think the same, Im sure people from Macau would be proud they are from Macau because each one of them consider themselves as part of the population, what they say, or do, or behave does represent what the people are like in that city. However, if the immigrants behave badly in public, that does also make the other people think Macau people would behave badly in Public because they have become part of the society binding by the laws even though they dont have the same proudness as we do. The foreigners cannot tell who are real Macaese or who are not. so people, lets behave! I just feel very embarassed when the tourists/immigrants spit, sqaut, dress up imporperly n so forth in public.

What Im saying here is not against the immigrants, I am just sharing my point of view here, if this keeps on goin. what is gonna be like 20 yrs later?? we will lost our unique culture for sure. I just personally don really like no matter where I go in Macau. all these staff/people I met on the way cannot speak cantonese properly or I can no way understand what they are sayin.

Macau has a very little population, its good to expand its population, we need people for other industries. thats 100% true, but we should let more people who have high qualification come to Macau instead of letting those who have no eduation, but at the age of sure u've got what i mean.

I would say the economy in Macau is going forward. Meanwhile, the culture and quality that people have are going backward tho. What is the so-called 50 yr unchange, we will enjoy our high autonomy and so on. Are these promising? HELL NO!

Somehow I reckon the gov should let more Portuguese people come to Macau, they should set up a migration compaign in Portugal. haha.. and this could be the only way to suppress the eurasian culture in Macau(this is just a imagination)..
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about 50% of population werent born in macao in the last decade and the figure should be bigger now. i dun see y ppl see this as an issue as long as everybody adapts the lifestyle and identity of macao (sorry u guys wrote 2 much stuffs up there didnt read the whole thing)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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