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Wilmington, DE: Center City and Rodney Square (part 11)

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this is the "in depth look at wilmington" thread #11. i've decided to start referring to these threads by the neighborhoods covered in order to draw a little more interest

i went back to center city and rodney square for some more pictures. the main reason i decided to cover this area again was to get pictures of the mbna branding on their buildings before it was replaced with bank of america branding.

the chase manhattan center, american international building, and wilmington trust building.

the future home of blue cross/blue shield of delaware, being built on top of a parking garage.

the wsfs bank center in late december.

looking east down 11th street from a parking garage.

an mbna building on french street. this building was decorated nicely on the outside with broze statues of elk and moose, and some bushes and greenery complimented that. french street is paved with bricks in this area.

another mbna building at the corner of french and 11th streets. one of the new signs wilmington is putting up in the city is on the corner.

rodney square looking southeast, with 300 delaware avenue on the left and

rodney square looking south, with the wilmington library in the foreground and the residences at rodney square (formerly the delaware trust building) behind it.

another picture of the wilmington library and the old delaware trust building from rodney square.

the daniel l. herrman courthouse. the county moved out of this courthouse a couple years ago, when the new one 5 blocks south on king street opened up. mbna bought the building from the county.

a closer look at the courthouse. the mbna logo replaced wording that the city put up when it was built.

mbna's most prominent building. i wanted to take a couple pictures of the mbna signage on their buildings before they were replaced with bank of america branding.

some law offices on the west side of king street, with skyscrapers behind them.

some of the skyscrapers on market street.

looking west down 10th street. the crane for the wsfs bank center is in the background.

two construction projects: wsfs bank center on the left, and blue cross/blue shield in the background on the right. this picture is from h.b. dupont park.

wilmington trust building on 11th street.

looking east down delaware avenue towards skyscrapers and some stores.

a world war ii memorial in h.b. dupont park at the intersections of delaware avenue, washingotn street, and 11th street.

the skeleton of the wsfs bank center appears to have reached its peak.

mbna's switch to bank of america branding is complete.

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