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here's another installment of my look at my city of wilmington. this is part 13. first, since i've changed over from the "in depth look at wilmington" titles to titles with the names of neighborhoods, parks, streets, etc that are featured in the thread, i'm going to recap what i've covered:

1: The Highlands, Rockford Park, random Wilmington pictures
2: Southbridge, East Side, Church Street, 7th Street Peninsula
3: Brandywine Hills, Harlan Park, Center City (downtown), Rodney Square
4: Center City, Ship's Tavern, Market Street, Riverfront
5: Rockford Park, the Wilmington Flower Market festival
6: Center City, Rodney Square
7: Riverfront, Market Street, Ship's Tavern, Quaker Hill, Trinity Vicinity
8: Cool Springs, Hedgeville, Hilltop, Little Italy
9: The East Side, Price Run, grit in Wilmington
10: random places around Wilmington
11: Center City, Rodney Square, Lawyer's Row
12: Triangle, Park Place, Trolley Square, Forty Acres, Little Italy

these pictures are all from the past week. since they're all new, i resized them for everyone's viewing pleasure. there are one or two more future wilmington threads which will have un-resized pictures; i've already uploaded the pictures and saved the links, so i'm not sure if i want ot resize them and the re-upload them. but i'll worry about that problem when i get to it.


the riverfront and christina landing are the two neighborhoods that have seen the most renovation over the years. it's hard to believe that 10 to 15 years ago, these neighborhoods were wastelands, with abandoned warehouses, unpleasant industrial complexes, dump sites, and brownfields taking up all of the land. now, these two places are the focal point of the city, drawing new residents and new businesses.

the riverfront began it's redevlopment in the early 1990's with the opening of kahunaville, a bar with a tropical island, tiki theme. at around this time, frawley stadium was built as a home for the wilmington blue rocks, who were moving into delaware in 1993. soon afterwards, a park was developed along the riverfront, providing a place for people to walk along the christina. this riverwalk came with renovation of the old dravo shipyard, where world war 2 ships were built. the riverwalk opened up renovations of several abandoned warehouses and factories that were situated along the river a little bit farther north, near the ship's tavern neighborhood and near lower downtown. these warehouses, which are mainly now office buildings, were remnants of wilmington's great shipbuilding and industrial heritage.

christina landing is a new neighborhood. before it was developed, it was just some run-down industrial sites, with a gritty marina situated in between them all. this neighborhood, which has been known as "south market" in the past (after market street, which crosses the christina river in the vicinity), has taken on the new neighborhood name of "christina landing" as the result of developers giving the area a new name for a new identity.the original christina landing site is almost completely finished, with the townhouses and residences building now inhabitable; only the river tower building needs to be finished. but one can speculate that this isn't the last of the development on the south shore of the river, and that developments will sprout up on the land surrounding christina landing.

looking up east down the chrsitina river from the river bend. the market street bridge is half-up as it undergoes renovation. in the distance, you can see the kalmar nyckel docked at tubman-garrett park.

the residences at christina landing on the left, and the river tower at christina landing on the right. the residences tower houses apartments for rent, and the river tower houses condominiums for ownership.

the kalmar nyckel, docked for the day at tubman-garrett park. the kalmar nyckel is an exact replica of the "kalmar nyckel", one of the two ships that carried swedes to the new world. the other ship, the "vogel grip", was the smaller of the two. the ships left gothenburg, sweden, in november 1637, and arrived in the new world in march of 1638. they docked at "the rocks", a little farther up river from tubman-garrett park, and started a settlement that would become wilmington.

looking east down the river, with views of tubman-garrett park on the left and christina landing on the right. the back of the kalmar nyckel can been seen.

a closer look at the back of the kalmar nyckel. the details on the ship showcase swedish art. partially visible are decorative heads and faces all along the ship.

the kalmar nyckel, with the residences at christina landing in the background on the left.

another picture of the kalmar nyckel with the residences at christina landing in the background. the flag of delaware flies on the front of the ship.

a view of lower downtown from tubman-garrett park. an ing direct building is in the foreground at the right; the train station, with a glass walkway above french street, is on the foreground; and one christina center, which houses some jp morgan chase offices, is in the background.

looking through tubman-garrett park at the kalmar nyckel and the residences at christina landing.

another ing direct builing, located on water street. before ing direct renovated the building in 2000, it was known as the kent building, operating as a warehouse over 100 years ago before becoming abandoned when wilmington's shipbuilding industry died.

the riverfront market. the riverfront market was once the home of the blumenthal company, which made skins and finished leather goods.

looking west up the christina river towards some new offices built. barclays (formerly juniper bank) and aaa mid-atlantic are headquartered in their buildings, which were built in the last few years but wee built with brick facades to blend in with the old factories and warehouses left over from wilmington's shipbuilding era.

looking northeast towards lower downtown from the bend in the christina river.

looking east from the bend in the christina river. the residences at christina landing is in the middle of the picture, with the crane for the river tower to the right of it. lower downtown is at the very left.

the new barclays headquarters, going up next to their other building across west street. this building should be done by 2007.

the base of the river tower at christina landing is under construction. the residences at christina landing, wilmingotn's newest condo and skyscraper, is in the background.

the view of wilmington's skyline from the townhouses at christina landing.

looking at the riverfront market and some riverfront buildings from christina landing. the market street bridge is up while it's being worked on.

a view of lower downtown from christina landing park. the ing direct building is the former office for the pennsylvania railroad, which passes through the city just beyond the building.

a couple hundred townhouses were built at christina landing to go along with the two towers. these are the condos that are along christina landing park, which borders the christina river. these houses have a view of wilmington's skyline from their decks.

some more townhouses in christina landing. all of these houses are brand new, being finished only a couple years ago.

the river tower at christina landing in the foreground, with the residences at christina landing in the background. some of the townhouses are on the right, and the market street bridge (which is under renovation) is on the left.

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