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here are some pictures that i took of the kalmar nyckel a couple weeks ago. the kalmar nyckel is one of the two ships that brought the swedes to the new world for the first time, back in 1638. (the other ship, the vogel grip, was a smaller ship accomanying the kalmar nyckel.) wilmington was set up as sweden's first settlement in the new world. wilmington and the surround areas of northern delaware, and a sliver of land surround the delaware river in extreme southeast pennsylvania and in southern new jersey, became known as new sweden; this was sweden's only attempt at a colony in the new world. the dutch captured new sweden in 1655, and thus ended sweden's only colony in the new world.

if you would like to see the original part 13, click here. (i took these pictures after i posted part 13, but these tie into that thread more than it would to a part 14, thus the "part 13a".) it includes pictures of the kalmar nyckel docked at tubman-garrett park, and pictures of the riverfront and christina landing.

the kalmar nyckel from christina landing park. lower downtown is in the background.

a closer view

the ship again. lower downtown is to the right, and the tips of the skyscrapers in downtown (also known as center city) are in the background.

a closer look.

looking at the kalmar nyckel from the eastern edge of christina landing park. the wilmington youth rowing association, or "wyra", is practicing in the christina river. their training home is upriver, near the baseball stadium.

the kalmar nyckel from the walnut street bridge. the market street bridge crosses the river in the distance. beyond the market street bridge is the barclay's building, and beyond that is the other barclay's building, which is under construction.

the residences at christina landing are at the left, with the under-construction river tower at christina landing just behind it to the left. the kalmar nyckel is to the right.

another picture of the ship, with some of the renovated warehouse buildings on the riverfront just behind the ship.

the ship, with the ship's tavern neighborhood behind it.

the residences at christina landing at the left, with christina landing park in the foreground, and the kalmar nyckel at the right, docked in the christina river.

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