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this thread covers the neighborhoods in northwest wilmington that surround pennsylvania avenue, delaware avenue, and union street. these neighborhoods are west of i-95, and can be seen at the top of the hill while driving towards wilmington on i-95. these neighborhoods are also considered to be the more "hip" neighborhoods, having a larger concentration of young people than other neighborhoods.

some houses on scott street in the neighborhood of triangle.

law offices on dupont street in the neighborhood of triangle.

mayfair apartments on delaware avenue.

fountain plaza at the delaware avenue/pennsylvania avenue split. downtown can be seen in the background at the right.

some historic houses on delaware avenue on the edge of the triangle neighborhood.

14th street in the neighborhood of triangle.

looking up clayton street in triangle.

some houses on clayton street in triangle.

duplexes on dupont street in triangle.

a house on broom street in triangle.

a soldiers & sailors monument in soldiers & sailors monument park at the split of delaware avenue and 14th street in triangle.

st. stephen lutheran church at the corner of 13th and broom streets.

westminster presbyterian church at the corner of pennsylvania avenue and rodney street in triangle.

luther tower, near the split of delaware and pennsylvania avenues in triangle. a statue of christopher columbus is in front of the building.

a mural on the side of the upper floors of catherine rooney's welcoming people to trolley square.

a couple bars on delaware avenue in trolley square. scratch magoo's in in the center and del rose is on the right. trolley square is the area in wilmington where all the good bars are, and it's the little commercial area for the surrounding neighborhoods.

logan house, one of the more prominent bars in trolley square.

catherine rooney's, an irish bar in trolley square.

trolley square shopping center. this shopping center was the first place to use the name "trolley square", back in the 1970's. the city's trolley depot was on this site until it was torn down for the shopping center.

ciao pizza at the intersection of delaware avenue, clayton street, and 16th street in trolley square.

a flower shop at the corner of delaware avenue and scott street in trolley square.

an irish flag flies at a house on shallcross avenue in forty acres. forty acres is the irish neighborhood of wilmington.

a duplex on grant avenue in forty acres.

st. ann's roman catholic church on union street in forty acres. st. ann's is the center of the neighborhood, being the common link for all the irish in the neighborhood when people started moving into the surrounding area.

a store that specializes in irish products at the corner of union steet and gilpin avenue in forty acres.

some houses on gilpin avenue in forty acres. the building on the right used to be a firehouse, dating from 1893. i believe it's used as a community center now.

some rowhouses on lincoln street in forty acres.

more rowhouses in forty acres. a lot of irish in the neighborhood take their nationality seriously. many people fly irish flags, wear notre dame gear, or celebrate st. patrick's day at any time of the year to celebrate their culture.

the delaware academy of medicine building on lovering avenue in forty acres.

some new houses in forty acres. these houses were built on the site of a convent. the nuns moved into the suburbs because it became too expensive to live in the city. the building was destroyed, and the only thing saved from the convent was the wall. you can see where the wall was knocked down to make way for a little street.

gilpin playground park, recently rededicated as conaty park, in memory of fallen firefighters.

lincoln towers, located next to conaty park. gilpin playground is in the foreground.

some houses on gilpin avenue in park place.

some apartment buildings on delaware avenue in park place.

some new rowhouses on rodney street in park place.

some houses on delaware avenue near park place and trolley square.

st. anthony of padua roman catholic church at 9th and dupont streets. this church, built in 1924, is the center of little italy, and the host of the annual italian festival, the largest ethnic festival on the east coast.

some rowhouses on clayton street in little italy.

more rowhouses in little italy.

a nice house on rodney street near little italy.

some houses and shops on union street in little italy. union street and lincoln street, both one way streets, are the main thoroughfares in little italy.

capriotti's on union street. this is the original site of capriotti's which has grown into a family-owned business with 39 locations in 8 states. capriotti's subs have won numerous awards around the country as best subs in whatever area they are being judged for. the most famous sub is the "bobbie", which has been called "thanksgiving dinner on a roll". it boasts white turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other thanksgiving favorites.

some shops on lincoln street. lincoln street and union street are lined with lampposts with banners hanging on them. the banners either display the american flag or the italian flag.

a piedmont lodge on lincoln street, flying three important flags: the italian flag and delaware flag on each side, and the american flag in the middle.

some rowhouses on 7th street in little italy.

rowhouses on 10th street.

the village of padua, a new housing block going up kitty-corner from st. anthony of padua church.

the "welcome to little italy" sign on lincoln street at 4th street. this marks the official entrance to little italy. the reverse of this sign has "little italy" in italian: "piccola italia".


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The block on the left. Gotta love it. Learned to walk there, learned to talk there, first job there, first house, first beer-drinking, pot smoking, and fist fight in the old bank parking lot (where the pay day loans is now)

Damn I loved that neighborhood.

Why did I move to the burbs?

I even miss that annoying Puerto Rican parade
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