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Acknowledging the huge potential for renewable energies in Sudan, the Ministry of Electricity and Dams of Sudan (MED) intends to develop renewable energy power projects in order to promote sustainable development. In the initial stage, MED has foreseen to focus on wind energy projects and awarded a contract to Lahmeyer International (LI) as consultant for the development of the first three wind farms:

  1. Nyala, located in Darfour state in western Sudan, capacity: 20 MW
  2. Dongola, located in the north of Sudan, where LI performed on-site wind measurements in 2001 and 2002, capacity: 100 MW
  3. Red Sea Cost, capacity: 180 MW

Client Ministry of Electricity and Dams (MED), Sudan
Location Sudan
Services Period 2011 – 2014

Technical Data
  • Planned capacity: 300 MW
  • Invited bidders: Approximately 10
  • Foreseen turbine size: 800-2,500 kW
Update Feasibility Studies
  • Assessment of the available wind data
  • Wind farm micrositing
  • Energy yield calculation
  • Supervision of wind measurement campaign
  • Electrical and civil wind farm layout
  • Review of electrical conditions
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Steering of CDM registration process

Design and Tendering
  • Preparation of Conceptual Design
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Coordination of Tender process and contract negotiations
Construction supervision

Power generation in Sudan has to date focussed on hydropower and thermal power plants. The use of renewable energy sources is now a further mainstay for power supply. For five projects Lahmeyer International is involved as consultant in almost all technological fields.

After Lahmeyer had been awarded the contract for the development and construction of three windparks at the beginning of 2011, the Ministry of Electricity and Dams, Sudan, has chosen to use Lahmeyer’s competence not only to encourage the use of solar and waste resources but also in connection with the overall planning for renewable energies.

For the first project, Lahmeyer will develop a comprehensive masterplan for renewable energies in Sudan over the next 12 months. In addition to a resource assessment, this masterplan will address regulatory, legal and economic aspects and, for the first time, considers renewable energies for the electricity development plan of Sudan. For the second project, Lahmeyer will prepare a wind and solar map for the country. This will form the basis for the development and construction of photovoltaic plants at four sites with an overall installed capacity of 20 MW, also under the aegis of Lahmeyer. For another project, the Sudanese client has commissioned Lahmeyer with the preparation of a feasibility study for energy recovery from waste in a waste incineration plant. The fifth project reviews the feasibility of a solar thermal power plant in combination with an existing gas and steam power plant.

In this way, Lahmeyer is contributing to establishing the basis for long-term and sustainable use of domestic energy resources in Sudan.
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