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Winnipeg Phototour (April 2014), Part 1: Union Station, Fort Garry Hotel, Manitoba Legislature

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Hey everyone!

I paid a visit to Winnipeg for the first time ever in April 2014! If you can believe it, it's only my second-ever visit to any Canadian city outside of Ontario! The first part of my photo tour covers the Manitoba Legislative Building, downtown, and the first of two Winnipeg Jets games at the MTS Centre!

Without further ado, let's begin!

After a 36-hour train ride to Winnipeg, arrived at Winnipeg's Gorgeous Union Station! Built in 1911.

Union Station, beau grand-arts structure.

The Historic Landmark Fort Garry Hotel, where I stayed for my time here. The Fort Garry is a chateauesque-style, a style made famous by architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, designer of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Built in 1913.

Inside the Fort Garry Hotel...

The grand staircase…

My room...

View of downtown Winnipeg from my room on the 8th floor

Fort Garry Hotel and the 30-storey Fort Garry Place apartment building

Historic apartment complex on Broadway

Looking east on Broadway

Winnipeg Law Courts Building, built in 1911.

Land Titles Building, built in 1903.

The Manitoba Legislative Building, Neoclassical style capitol, built in 1920.

Golden Boy on top of the Manitoba Legislative Building tower

Queen Victoria statue

Entrance to the Manitoba Legislative Building

Inside, the building is absolutely spectacular, I even had the pleasure of seeing a Manitoba Legislative Assembly meeting in the gallery, I couldn't take pictures there for obvious reasons. ;)

Close up of the Golden Boy and tower of the Manitoba Legislative Building

Nellie McClung Statue

Louis Riel Statue

Manitoba Plaza near the Assiniboine River

Totem Pole and Polar Bears sculpture garden

I assume that's graffiti on that bear...

Government House and Manitoba Legislative Building

Government House

Queen Elizabeth Statue

Hope you enjoyed! There's more to come!
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great thread and awesome photos! :eek:kay: love those two downtown shots you took from your hotel room.
^^The first one is sooooo not flattering, revealing a lack of color and texture in our downtown; depressing really!!! Thank for posting them though!!!! The Fort Garry's rooms are atrocious and need to be updated, esp. the TVs, LOL
^^The first one is sooooo not flattering, revealing a lack of color and texture in our downtown; depressing really!!! Thank for posting them though!!!! The Fort Garry's rooms are atrocious and need to be updated, esp. the TVs, LOL
Don't worry, they get better from here...
Here's the next part of this part of the tour, including my first glimpses of downtown…

Manitoba Legislative Building from a distance…

An old Manitoba Power House, built in 1913

Manitoba Archives Building

Great West Life Building

Portage Avenue

CBC Winnipeg Building on Portage

Looking east on Portage towards downtown...

University of Winnipeg

Historic Hudson's Bay Store Downtown Winnipeg

Buildings along Portage Avenue

Portage Place, downtown's shopping mall

Inside Portage Place...

Manitoba Hydro Building

Winnipeg Free Press Building

Air Canada Building downtown

Jets Gear store downtown...

MTS Centre, home of the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League

New Alt Hotel rising across from the MTS Centre...

Looking towards Portage and Main downtown...

CTV Building downtown behind the Manitoba Hydro Building

Shark Club, a sports bar and casino downtown, it was featured on CBC during the 2014 Sochi Men's Hockey olympic games

Delicious Nachos and beer as a pre-game appetizer, mmmmm!!!!
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Better than regina

Gữi từ đt nhà Rác
Nice city, I never heard about it before.

The name Winnipeg sounds really funny to me :colgate:
Oh and also… Those are some lovely pictures of Winnipeg!
Sorry Jaybird, this thread is yours to showcase your photos, I'm out!!! You do take great pics!!!!
Hey guys... I am SOOOOO sorry I have been behind posting pictures,

but here's more of downtown Winnipeg and the first of two Jets games... and YES, it was snowing briefly!

Curry Building

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Detail on the Chamber of Commerce Building

The old Scotiabank building on the left, Radisson hotel on the right...

Manitoba Property Registry Building

MTS Centre

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The Curry Building would be a stunning podium for a sleek tower!!
The Curry Building would be a stunning podium for a sleek tower!!
It definitely could be!
Here's some more pictures from inside the MTS Centre and of the first Jets game versus the Minnesota Wild...

Entrance inside...

Jets Gear store...

All the logos of the NHL teams on the ceiling...


Inside the arena bowl...

Teams practising before the game...

The atmosphere in this arena was incredible!

The lovely Stacey Nattrass performing the national anthem, it was fun yelling "TRUE NORTH" with the crowd..

Opening faceoff...

2nd period...

Minnesota scored early to make it 1-0...

Jets working to try to tie the game...

Third period now...

Jets still trying to tie it!

Time's ticking...

But the Jets' depleted offense didn't have it tonight, losing 1-0! Michael Hutchinson, the goaltender, IMHO, played excellent this game, giving his team a chance to win! Many times the crowd chanted "Hutchy"! Winnipeg loves its Jets!

Had a great time, despite the loss, but the second game would turn out MUCH BETTER. ;).
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Cool photos man, but you came in the ugliest time possible... This everlasting snow looks creepy :D
Nice pictures! Winnipeg has some great buildings from the first couple of decades of the 1900s. The skyline looks much bigger from afar, though, and Downtown doesn't seem too big/vertical when inside it, judging from your pictures.

How was the MTS Centre? What did you think of it compared to other arenas?
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