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There isn't a Bainbridge/Kitsap thread that is even remotely active, so I stuck this here.
The article is correct in one regard; this parcel is right when you get off the Bainbridge ferry and has sure been an eyesore.

From todays DJC.

September 21, 2012

Bainbridge building gateway at Waypoint

Groundbreaking is set for 11:30 a.m. next Thursday for a new gateway for Bainbridge called Waypoint, at the corner of Winslow Way and Olympic Drive on the site of a former Unocal station.

Waypoint is the result of a community effort to turn what has been an eyesore into an amenity for Bainbridge Island and the Kitsap Peninsula. This is the first phase of the project.

Funding comes from corporate and private donations. The city said in a press release that a number of local firms have been involved including Jones and Jones, PHC Construction, subcontractors, environmental groups and the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island.

The Waypoint Steering Committee said Johnpaul Jones is the architect and PHC is the contractor. Jim Chapel is the project coordinator. The Rotary Club gave $80,000 and will act as project manager during construction before turning over the site to the Bainbridge Island parks district when it is completed.

Another $200,000 is needed and will be raised through donations and sponsorships of elements such as historical markers, memorial benches, stone walls and signs.

“The focus of the Waypoint project is the spirit of welcome and the natural beauty of our Bainbridge Island community. It will have a lovely, simple design that allows a moment of pause among daily comings and goings on the island,” said Johnpaul Jones.

More information is available from Shannon Evans at [email protected].

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