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After Winter Cherry fire, Russian Fire Inspection published an intermediate summary of checks.
They have so far checked 38 000 objects.
Of the 38 000, half - 19 000 - were found to be in some violation. Of which 10 500 had problems with exits and evacuation paths, and 7000 had problems with signalization.
Of the 19 000 violators, 111 were regarded as serious enough to apply to close the object. 40 applications for closure have been already granted against trade centres, children´s play areas and cinemas.
There are plans to check 84 000 objects in total - so 46 000 objects left to check - of which 84 000 total, 10 500 are trade and entertainment centres.
"Many" trade and entertainment centres, however, decided to close themselves rather than receive inspection. These are not included in the 38 000.

Which proportion of shops in other countries do you think are fire traps?
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