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Wish it was bigger!

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If there was one building in Birmingham you could, say, treble the height of, which one would you choose?

Mine would be Colmore Gate. There is something about the dark granite cladding on this building that looks really good. If this were 200 metres tall it would look stunning.

Could anyone apply some of their jiggery-pokery computer wizardry on this one, and create a graphic showing it to be 200 metres?
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The Hyatt was originally going to be taller.
Looks like Singapore now!!!
The city is slowly evolving. If huge office buildings had been built in the city 20 or 30 years ago they would still be 2/3rds empty today. Birmingham can now sustain some bigger buildings, as it's economy has shifted away from manufacturing and more towards the services & financial sectors in the city centre. I think it is a good thing huge towers weren't erected 30 years ago as I personally think this was a real low point in urban design. We have learnt from our own mistakes, and from others too. Look at Brindleyplace. Ok, it isn't bristling with skyscrapers, but it is a hugely successful area of Birmingham, & I would rather Birmingham looked more like this, than drab thoroughfares like Smallbrook Queensway for example.
woodhousen said:
i cant help but think that this thread will be able to go with most of the tower we like. afterall we do live in birmingham...most things could have been a little taller!
You're right. This is the best building to have been built in Birmingham in the last 20 years ..... including Beetham Tower, only 10 storeys higher would've made a world of difference to it though!
that would have been nice at 100M or so.
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