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The University of Worcester has been given the go ahead for its new arena.

The arena, designed by Gloucester-based Roberts Limbrick Architects, is scheduled to open in April 2012.

It will provide facilities for a full range of indoor sports, with special emphasis on international basketball. At 5,300 sq m, and with retractable seating for up to 1,850 people, it will be capable of holding major indoor sports events.

Worcester is a very big Basketball town and the University team has done very well over the years. The city itself prides itself on sport considering it's size and although the city lacks well behind its closer neighbour Birmingham in terms of football it matches and excels at Rugby, Cricket and Basketball.

The University since 2001 has offered Basketball Scholarships and has attracted some fine players from America and Eastern Europe.

The franchise was thrown in to turmoil when, on November 27, it was announced that six players had been sacked by the club following an unauthorised strike involving the six over confirmed racist comments made by Coach Evans. Head Coach Chuck Evans' racist rant during a film session forced six Wolves players to refuse to play for the coach, as the club decided not to fire the coach, yet fire the six players who stood up to racism. This sent the community of Worcester and its school teacher, pupils and fans into an uproar, as this story received the most comments supporting the former players; more than any other Worcester News story in 2009. Coach Evans ultimately handed in his resignation.

Although their names were first kept confidential, the six players were later identified as Skouson Harker, Randy George, Chey Christie, and Lithuanians Evaldas Zabas, Vidmantas Uzkuraitis and Nerijus Karlikanovas, with former player/coach Harker facing disciplinary action for standing up to racism and striking, whose father wrote this proud letter to the Worcester News.

Due to the depletion of the roster, a weakened team including several second-team promotees lost heavily 111–59 away to Glasgow Rocks two days later.

It was later revealed that it was due to racist remarks from Evans directed towards Wolves' European contingent that six players refused to participate in the upcoming game with Glasgow.

On December 1, the BBL announced in a statement on its website that it had agreed to the postponement of Wolves’ next five games until later dates, plus in accordance with the league’s rules, the franchise had been fined an undisclosed amount.

The following week the club announced the appointment of former Guildford, Thames Valley Tigers and England national team coach Paul James as Chuck Evans' successor.

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