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Work Experience/Internship: Is this a Lebanese thing?

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i'm looking to do some work experience with some beirut-based architects during the summer, for uni (i'm applying to the Bartlett-UCL and they require W.E).
it's basically voluntary work that students do for free with to get an idea of what its like, and uk unis like students to have lots of that done. i've already done 2 weeks in civil engineering offices here in ireland, planing to do 2 more weeks after the summer in architecture, and ideally i'd be able to do 2 weeks in beirut (preferably good architects).
what are the chances of Nabil Gholam and/or Bernard Khoury accepting me for a 1 week internship placement?

i'm asking coz i dont know anyone in lebanon who would actually know, and i dont want to call architects and embarrass myself.
anyone done something like that before? or would know? also do you guys know any other vip architects other than the ones i listed above? thanks all...
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^^ I know one of our new forumers is doing an internship with an architect in beirut this summer. Hopefully he will chime in with some info...
oh, thanks! ok at least people do it, i wasnt sure coz not all countires do it.
^^ Walaw lol...of caurse we do it.. im doing an intership this summer with IDM networking
but here in leb u cant do a thing without the holly "wasta" so if u want top notch u hav to have top notch relations ... but maybe it will be more easy for u cause ur like an immagrate or somthing ..
^^ and cause apparently ur serious
heehee, yea bala wasta you're a nobody in lebanon!!! lol. well now that i know its done, i'll start looking through the directory, i think i might know some people who know architects, but yea. thanks!
i think this thread is of no use to me anymore :) ...mods: do with it what you want!
Yes it's actually a requirement for graduation from some college programs

and your wasta is that u don't live in leb (thats what I found)
^ really? lol, do they favor foreigners? or expats? alls good then...:)
^^ i guess that they will think a student in a foreign university is doing an interbship with them .... "we must be good".... i dunno maybe ... it's all prestigue here
in the medical field they accept easily foreign and expats
I've posted about this before in my introduction when I first joined SSC, but I think I want to formally ask this as a question to all my leb counterparts, or really anybody who can answer my question.

I'm a 21 year old Lebanese citizen, studying film production at York University in Toronto, Canada. I speak both english and Arabic perfectly, although I admit sometimes I don't know some words in Arabic so I use the english substitute. Anyways... I'm graduating in about a year and I really want to find work or a paid internship in a film/music video/commercial/tv company in Lebanon.

What are the prospects of working in this industry in Lebanon or the mid east in general. Is it worth it?
What are the requirements/ qualifications/ skills I need to have? does my degree from Canada mean anything in Lebanon.
Any advice at all? or direct me to someone or somewhere I can find out more info.

Thank you very much for any help or insight you can give me.
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i know people working in film production in dubai... its pretty big/getting bigger there. plus you have the advantage of speaking english/arabic.
the thing about production is that there is no official way of getting in. its all about making contacts and starting small then working your way up.
thats probably not very helpful :) ... but sure. good luck anyway!
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