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Works Works by U$S 110 million in the port of Montevideo

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Works by U$S 110 million in the port of Montevideo

The Belgian company Katoen Natie today announced in Montevideo the beginning of works of extension of the port, the greater investment done in the last 80 years in that region. Altogether, the investment promotes to U$S 110 million, number that adds to the U$S 40 million that the company has disbursed since it settled in the port of Montevideo, in December of 2001, with the name of Terminal River basin of the Silver. The announcement became in an act which they attended the owner of the company, Ferdinard Huts; the president in exercise of Uruguay, Rodolfo Nin Novoa; the chancellor, Reinaldo Gargano, the Environment minister, Mariano Arana, and the undersecretary of Territorial Ordering and Public Works, Luis Bow, among other authorities. The works consist of the extension of 350 meters of the soft Scale and the dredged one of the bottom of the harbor bay to obtain an openwork of 14.5 meters. At the moment, according to the president of the National Authority of Ports explained in the act, Fernando Puntigliano, the openwork is of 10.50 meters, and when it is extended “will allow the entrance of greater ships, which will help to obtain estatus of regional logistic seat”. For the director of the Terminal River basin of the Silver, Joris Thys, the objective of being “hub (axis) regional is within reach” and will be viable when, after works, three points of dockage are had. Thys emphasized, in addition, that the essential is to maintain and to improve the productivity in the port to avoid the delays. The director indicated that at the moment “the port of Montevideo has the best productivity of the coast this of South America”. The project also implies the extension of the beach of containers in 8,5 hectares, “which will allow 800,000 movements of containers per year, the triple of which is at the moment”, added Thys. When the works are concluded, in March of 2009, the terminal will front count on approximately 28 hectares paved and 638 meters of dockage, and electrical systems for 1,500 cooled containers, among other services. EFE

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