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World Bridges Rank

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Post anything about your local bridge or the one in your next state. Pictures are welcome, and most of all, your opinions including Pros and Cons
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How shall we rank our bridges? beauty, strength, or valour?

For me the Sydney Harbour Bridge, although not quite the longest of it's kind, remains the best bridge in this country. Someone else has a better photo of it than me.

Other bridges I'll always remember? The Kangaroo Valley Suspension Bridge (I'm not into T-Shirt Logos, but I do have a T-Shirt with that bridge). and the suspension bridge my Dad and I built ourselves.

The Verrazano-Narrows bridge in NYC is cool. It's over a mile long and is the longest bridge on this side of Earth.
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Ebola said:

The Verrazano-Narrows bridge in NYC is cool. It's over a mile long and is the longest bridge on this side of Earth.
I thought the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge shitted it in long ago. I guess it depends on what you mean by "Earth".

Span : 1991 metres
Length 3911 metres (for those that can't do metric, that's about 2 and a half miles)
Tower height: 297 metres.
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I might be in the wrong box here, but let's pretend I live in Kobe.

Apart from the bridge above, just along the road is:

smaller, but look at the white water. This is how you get from Honshu (the main island of Japan) to Shikoku.


The bridge above carries rail as well as road traffic, and is designed to carry the Shinkasen. But that's not the end of the story:

Cable-stayed, suspension, or any kind of arch, this is the Bridge Capital of the World!

Not one, not two, but three routes to Shikoku ...

That was the last part of the second route ( see different tower structures) ... you've seen the longest suspension span ... now look on ... Route 3!

The Tatara Bridge ... it was the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, but East Asia has usurped it:

LengthL 1480 m, span : 890 m.

I missed a few (major) bridges on this route, the Totara is the 5th, the Omishima is the 6th:

Length: 328m, span 297m.

OK, here's the 3rd (Imoshima) Bridge:

Length: 1,270m, span: 770 m.

Pretty nice, but nothing like the finale ... 8, 9 & 10 on Shikoku route 3:

Kurishima- Kaiyko Bridge: 4 km total length spans, 800, 1020 ,1030 m.

All photos courtesy of Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority (HSBA) ... lot's more on their website.
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In HK, we have the Tsing Ma Bridge with is the longest road/rail suspension bridge in the world

Tsing Ma Bridge

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Oresunds Bridge linking Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden

Top floor is highway, the bottom is trains
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Yeah, the Oresunds Bridge is pretty amazing, it seems like it goes on forever. I just watched a pretty interesting show on T.V. about the bridge a little while ago.
All great bridge,

we try to gain beyond all existing material to take all loadings are put on it. Greatest think are from the engineer, their work/effort can be seen all entire world. Salute to them.......
Great !
Well for Greece the only worth mentioning bridge is the rion-antirion bridge, or charilaos trikoupis bridge, featuring engineering miracles.
The bridge is a cable stayed bridge with a suspended deck of 2,252m, being the worlds biggest cable stayed bridge.

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Here is the video of the Great Seto Bridge from the air.
A classic, certainly the most famous in California, and all of the West Coast

An icon, of course, because of its age, and the engineering feat it was at the time.
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My local Brigde The erasmus Bridge (132 meters high) In Rotterdam
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That's a beauty.
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Here are some pictures from the bridges in my area:

First the Erasmusbrug, it's opened in 1996. The southern span of the bridge has a 89 metre long bascule bridge and it is the largest and heaviest bascule bridge in West Europe.

The bridge was used in the 1998 Jackie Chan movie "Who am I" which I still haven't seen yet. The bridge is also used in many tv-commercials

Theire is a second bridge that crosses the Nieuwe Maas river. It's the Willemsbrug which is opened in 1981. It is a cable-stayed bridge with a total span of about 318 meters.

This is a picture of the Spijkenissebrug which is just near my house. It is a second-hand :) . The bridge was part of the old Moerdijkbridge which was opened in 1936.

The biggest vertical lift bridge in the Netherlands is the Calandbrug which is just near Rotterdam. It is has lanes for cars, bycycles and trains. It is over 50 meters high
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Well, these two bridges are obiously not that big as those you´ve posted but I like them because of their great design. Both are in Bratislava. The Apollo bridge won OPAL award from the American Society of Civil Engineering in Washington in 2006.

Nový most (New bridge)

main span 303.00 m
total length 431.8 m
pylon height 84.60 m
deck width 21.00 m
deck depth 4.60 m

Most Apollo (Apollo bridge)

total length 854 m
arch span 231 m
number of piers 19

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Out of the more than 2500 bridges in Hamburg these are the most noticeable ones:

Elbbrücken, The bridge on the left is 304 meters long, the bridges on the right are 471 meters long. I don't have info about the bridge in the front. These bridges mark the border for seagoing vessel.

Norderelbbrücke, 411m long

Köhlbrandbrücke, with its 3.940 meters it is Germany's second-longest bridge. Highest point of the road above water: 55m. Height of the pylons: 135 meters.

Kattwykbrücke, 290m. It's the world's biggest vertical lift bridge when it comes to the lifting height (the bridge can be lifted up 46m by the 70m high portals)

Lombardsbrücke and Kennedybrücke, just 69m long.

The 10th meridian is marked on the Kennedybrücke

The longest bridge in Germany is also located in Hamburg. It is the "Hochstraße Elbmarsch" with 4258m lenght. However it is not really recognisable as a bridge, but more as an elevated highway to cross the Elbe marsh.
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The Erasmusbridge - Rotterdam The Netherlands

Also named The Swan 1996
Elegance, modern stylish and strong.
Its just a beauty!!

Panorama's with the bridge:

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