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World Equestrian Games - Lexington KY

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The World Equestrian Games, an international competition, has come to Lexington and the city pulled out all the stops. There is a 16 day festival going on downtown. Here are some photos from the festival. Forgive an occasional blur, I didnt have a tripod handy and its a new camera.

A few test shots.

Main Street

Vine Street

Back to the festival. The Centrepointe site is finally getting some use.

There are one hundred (i think) of these horses spread around downtown all designed by different local artists

Cheapside Park and the Old Courthouse

Behind the stage in the new pavilion

I like our little collection of old midrise buildings

As the night went on more people started arriving

This photo didnt turn out so well. This is a heart.

Short Street

The businesses along the Cheapside block are busy

Mill street is not :(

Nothing going on in Triangle Park after 6pm

Another oe of thos old midrise buildings

I tried to make this steeple a focal point here, didn't turn out so well. I'll try again with a tripod someday

Most of the action is happening on Limestone. We ended up closing out the night down here.

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Love this one. Wish it was just a bit clearer. Really shows how urban Lexington can be.

I've loved the games being in town the last couple weeks. The diversity and energy in the city was a levels I have not seen before. People all seemed to be enjoying themselves and the locals seemed to be having just as good a time as all the folks from other countries.

With Keeneland starting today, I really do feel like Lexington is living up to its billing the last few weeks. I was downtown last night in front of the courthouses and the mounted police were even a hit and were drawing crowds. Horses everywhere ... even partying with the people.

Great job Ian.
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Thanks man. You're right it's definitely been a lot of fun!

I read in the paper this morning that the city is going to begin talking about festivals like this becoming a regular occurance!
Slightly off topic..120,000 people at Flemington Race track in Melbourne Australia watched the 150th running of the Melbourne Cup, 'Americain' a US bred horse trained in France won the Cup. The biggest and richest handicap horse race in the world.......10 minutes ago !
It is proclaimed public holiday and is called the race that stops a Nation !....... watched by millions on TV throughout Australia, Europe and Asia......possibly on a cable channel somewhere in North America ?..........I only post this because I know Kentucky is very into Thoroughbred Horses !
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