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All bridges main span more than 1000 meters(com or u/c,exclude prep and pro):

31 completed
[FONT=宋体],[/FONT]14 under construstion

most suspension bridge[FONT=宋体],[/FONT]only 4 cable-stayed bridge

1[FONT=宋体],明石海峡大橋 [/FONT]Akashi Kaikyō Bridge (Japan)
1991meters 1998
longest from 1998——

2,虎门二桥坭洲水道桥 Nizhoushuidao span of Humen 2nd bridge (China)
1688meters u/c

3,西堠门大桥 Xihoumen bridge(China)
1650meters 2009

4,Great Belt Bridge(Denmark)
1624meters 1998

5,İzmit Bay Bridge(Turkey)
1550meters u/c

6,Yi Sun-sin Bridge(Korea)
1545meters 2012

7,润扬长江大桥 Runyang Yangtze bridge(China)
1490meters 2005

8,洞庭湖二桥 Dongtinghu 2nd bridge(China)
1480meters u/c

9,南京长江四桥 Nanjing 4th Yangtze bridge(China)
1418meters 2012

10,Humber Bridge(United Kingdom)
1410meters 1981
Longest from 1981——1998

11,Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge(Turkey)
1408meters u/c
highway and railway

12,江阴长江大桥 Jiangyin Yangtze bridge(China)
1385meters 1999

13,青马大桥 Tsing Ma Bridge(China)
1377meters 1997
highway and metro

14,Hardanger Bridge(Norway)
1310meters 2013

15,Verrazano–Narrows Bridge(United States)
1298meters 1964
Longest from 1964——1981
double deck highway

16,Golden Gate Bridge(United States)
1280meters 1937
Longest from 1937——1964

17,阳逻长江大桥 Yangluo Yangtze bridge(China)
1280meters 2007

18,Höga Kusten Bridge(Sweden)
1210meters 1997

19,虎门二桥大沙水道桥 Dashashuidao span of Humen 2nd bridge(China)
1200meters u/c

20,龙江大桥 Longjiang bridge(China)
1196meters u/c
292 meters high

21,丽江塔库金沙江大桥 Jinshajiang bridge Taku(China)
1190meters u/c
512 meters high

22,矮寨大桥 Aizhai bridge(China)
1176meters 2012
336 meters high

23,龙门跨海大桥 Longmen strait bridge(China)
1160meters u/c

24,Mackinac Bridge(United States)
1158meters 1957

25,Ulsan Bridge(Korea)
1150meters u/c

26,Hålogaland Bridge(Norway)
1145meters u/c

27,清水河大桥 Qingshuihe bridge(China)
1130meters u/c
405 meters high

28,黄埔大桥 Huangpu bridge(China)
1108meters 2008

29,Russky Bridge(Russia)
1104meters 2012

30,泸定大渡河大桥 Daduhe bridge Luding(China)
1100meters u/c
287 meters high

31,南備讃瀬戸大橋 Minami Bisan-Seto Bridge(Japan)
1100meters 1989
highway and railway

32,沪通铁路长江大桥 Hutong railway Yangtze bridge(China)
1092meters u/c
highway and railway

33,Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge(Turkey)
1090meters 1988

34,苏通大桥 Shutong Yangtze bridge(China)
1088meters 2009

35,坝陵河大桥 Balinghe bridge(China)
1088meters 2009
370 meters high

36,泰州长江大桥 Taizhou Yangtze bridge(China)
1080meters*2 2012

37,马鞍山长江大桥 Ma'anshan Yangtze bridge(China)
1080meters*2 2013

38,Bosphorus Bridge(Turkey)
1074meters 1973

39,George Washington Bridge(United States)
1067meters 1931
double deck highway
longest from 1931——1937

40,万州驸马长江大桥 Wanzhou Fuma Yangtze bridge(China)
1050meters u/c
185 meters high

41,来島海峡第三大橋Third Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge(Japan)
1030meters 1999

42,来島海峡第二大橋Second Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge(Japan)
1020meters 1999

43,昂船洲大桥 Stonecutters Bridge(China)
1018meters 2010

44,25 de Abril Bridge(Portugal)
1013meters 1966
railway and highway

45,Forth Road Bridge(United Kingdom)
1006meters 1964


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In the world!

I remember when I was a kid the Golden Gate was #3, and now there are four longer than the Golden Gate within 200 miles of Shanghai. However as far as the Akashi Kaikyo getting passed, it will still be a long time. There aren't that many spans left in the world that would warrant a bridge with such a span. Either its not worth the trouble, ie Gibraltar, Messina, Sunda etc. Or you could just do multiple spans like Qiongzhou, Shanghai-Chongming

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Out of the 50 longest suspension bridges, the following in China were built before 2000;

8) Jiangyin Bridge (1999)
33) Xiling Bridge (1996)
35) Humen Pearl River Bridge (1997)

So yes, it's basically a post-2000 China bridge party.

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The Bandra–Worli Sea Link, officially called Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, is a cable-stayed bridge with pre-stressed concrete-steel viaducts on either side that links Bandra in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai with Worli in South Mumbai, India.

Length: 5,600 m

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