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WORLI | Palais Royale | 320 m | 75 fl | U/C

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Palais Royale -- Worli


Location (view on google maps):


May 2008 Project writeup
Mumbai's tallest proposed skyscraper, Palais Royale, has recently been announced by Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd. Topping out at a whopping 320 meters (that's the equivalent of 90 stories tall, and is almost 1/3 taller than Mumbai's current tallest, The Legend towers u/c!), Palais Royale will be the crown of the booming Worli skyline.

^ The above is not a rendering of Palais Royale

According to the developer, Vikas S. Kasliwal of Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Limited, Palais Royale will be built on the former Shree Ram Mills in Worli.

Unfortunately, a rendering of the tower has not been released yet, so I've created some image marcos in its place, pending its release. But the design is finalized, and we know a host of other juicy details about the project.

According to the developer, Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Limited:

· Palais Royale will be built on the former Shree Ram Mills in Worli, which, due to the crazy number of highrise skyscrapers coming up in that area, will likely make it the focal point of Mumbai's skyline, surpassing even Parel.

· Will be LEED Platinum certified, claims to be Mumbai's first and the design has been vetted by the Indian Green Building Council. However, with so many LEED Platinum-rated skyscrapers all set to begin construction within the year, who knows if which one will be built first...

· Architects are formally announced: Talati & Panthaky Associates locally, working with Lehr Consultants and RWDI Engineering.

· The building at 320 meters will make it Mumbai's tallest planned building -- significantly taller than the 700 ft (230m) what was announced last year. This is taller than the Mumbai's tallest proposed tower, India Tower/DB Tower (301m) at Marine Lines.

^ Not a rendering of Palais Royale

Vikas S. Kasliwal of Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Limited has given a video interview to with some more details of the project:

SSC India Forum member Indiansunite managed to get a hold of the project manager:
Alright I spoke with the project manager of the Palais Royale. He said it'll be 317m tall and will have 55-60 floors. They've finished the foundation work and he said the building will top out by April 2009.
This jives nicely from what was released last year, when they announced plans for a super-lux 60 story skyscraper of 700 feet and 4m high floors. Obviously, the height has been scaled upwards but nothing certain as to if more floors have been added (podium) or if the absurdly high ceilings were raised even further.

^ Also not a rendering of Palais Royale

While site prep is apparently ongoing, due to the nature of the tower (which will cater to the super-rich a la Oberoi Skyz (also coming up in Worli)) we are not likely to see details of the tower until nearly the final project milestone (also a la Oberoi Skyz.)

When more information comes out, I'll keep you updated. Watch this space!

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For posterity's sake, here's the post I made last year when the first design of this project came out. Again, it has been redesigned and scaled upwards since then.

Mumbai's skyscrapers add to civic woes
Anjali Doshi
Wednesday, February 7, 2007 (Mumbai):

Promoted by Vikas Kasliwal of Shree Ram Mills, Palais Royale is all set to be one of Mumbai's tallest and most luxurious skyscrapers.

The 700-feet high building, to be ready in 2009, boasts of indoor heated swimming pools, ample parking space and world-class fire safety norms.
Here is the link to the video report of this story. It has a quick peek at both the construction site (construction seems to be underway) as well as a quck pan on the elevation.

It took some time to splice the screencaps together. I think it is in correct proportion.

Vikas Kasliwal of Shree Ram Mills also said this in the video report:
"It doesn't have too many stories, but since each storey has a very good height we've gone to very good heights. It will probably end up being a fairly tall building. We're not aiming to be the tallest building, but I think we may just end up being one of the tallest."
The newsreader also said:
But the title city's tallest is hotly contested. In the next two years three projects will vie for that honor.

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The following works have been awarded recently.

15.Construction of skyscraper at Mumbai, Maharashtra

Construction of Palais Royale building.

Client : Shree Ram Urban Infastructure, Shree Ram Mills Limited, Worli, Mumbai.

Value : Rs. 600.00 million
^^ after seeing that I had called SEW last month to inquire about the project. The details of the call are quoted in Jai's post. I still have the manager's # and will call him soon.

anyways, as posted in the update thread, this is the architect's website which is u/c at the moment ->

This could be Shree Ram Urban Infra's website u/c ->

It looks a bit unprofessional so it maybe owned by some smartass who just bought the domain to possibly sell it off to SRUIL.
Ankush, read Jai's post again. The old proposal which was unveiled last year called for a 700ft tower. Now the height has been scaled up.
I'll post some site pictures soon, but from what I know, it will be 48floors (Probably the remaining will be parking etc).

Also, the flats will range from a minimum of 8000 to 15000 sqft. Currently quoting 50k/sqft!
Shree ram mills Palias Royale

Mumbai will soon boast of the first green residential building in India.

IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), which is part of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), said last week that Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Limited (SRUIL) is building ‘Palais Royale’ at Worli.

The project will also be India’s first residential building aspiring to achieve the prestigious The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating.

With the project cost at $200 million, the 320-metre-high tower is designed by the well-known architect firm, Talathy & Panthaky, in association with foreign consultants such as Lehr Associates of New York and RWDI, Canada.

The building will boast of 100% on-site sewage treatment, thus stopping 30 million gallons of waste per year from reaching the city’s overburdened sewerage system.

The building will also have 100% waste management. Most of the waste will be used to generate organic manure to enhance the green ecosystem within the building premises and the remaining waste will be recycled.

“The building will save 30 per cent to 40 per cent energy and 20 per cent to 30 per cent water. Green Buildings also effectively contribute towards reducing carbon emission. For every one million sq.ft of constructed green building footprint, the CO2 reduction is around 12,000 tonnes per annum,’’ S Raghupathy, senior director and head of IGBC, said.

Spread over 25 lakh sq ft at Shreeram Mills in Lower Parel, the luxury building will have 100 apartments with areas of 8,700 sq ft and 14,000 sq ft. With a floor plate of 5 lakh sq ft, the premises will have amenities like a cinema house, spa, cricket pitch, soccer field and three swimming pools.

Company officials said that each of the 12 villas (apartments of 14,000 sq ft) will have an in-house swimming pool.

“The LEED Platinum-rated green building will incorporate the latest engineering and design technologies,’’ Vikas Kasliwal, vice-chairman of SRUIL, said. “The building will be eligible for carbon credits, thus bringing down maintenance costs,” Kasliwal added.

The first energy-efficient commercial office building in India is the Godrej Green Business Centre at Hyderabad, built eight years ago.

[email protected]
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Sweet. Now not only do I know all the info about the building, I also know every single non-rendering of Palais Royale!
Guys, someone wants to contact me regarding Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure by PM...are you guys getting the same request? I'll accept, maybe there's a render in it, unless he's inquiring about need to ask me for that
wow... let's hope not
totally man.
MS, nope

You know, on second glance, this might actually be a rendering of the old design:

The line drawing on the right seems to be a cut-away view in the plane drawn right down the middle of the flat side facing foreground-right in the rendering on the left. Both renderings imply that the front of the building is the unseen angle in the left rendering (i.e., we're seeing the back of the building), and the front is on the right and side of the right drawing. The building in the rendering also just doesn't look 320m tall

If so, something (better) may yet come of this!
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^^ He was asking me for pricing information. Like wtf?? :lol:

and yeah, Jai, I too thought it was a render of the old design. Very similar looking. If it isn't, let's hope this isn't the render.
I'll post some site pictures soon, but from what I know, it will be 48floors (Probably the remaining will be parking etc).

Also, the flats will range from a minimum of 8000 to 15000 sqft. Currently quoting 50k/sqft!
50k Per SQFT is like 40 cr ($10 million) for the 8000sqft flat (minimum). That would make the 15000 flat(maximum) to be 75cr ($18.75 million).....and that is way tooo expensive.
R u sure about the price??
50k Per SQFT is like 40 cr ($10 million) for the 8000sqft flat (minimum). That would make the 15000 flat(maximum) to be 75cr ($18.75 million).....and that is way tooo expensive.
R u sure about the price??
In one of the news video on Feb, the builder said the price of each of 80 flats is approx 30,000 per sq ft - Rs 21 cr. and height to be 700 feet. The height must have changed now though as 320m is around 1000 feet.

Here is a link i found which have a rendering of Polais Royale. I don't know whether its posted before in other thread. The news source on this site too is from DNA but this site has a rendering.
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Mumbaifans, Welcome aboard SSC-India.

That's a render of Raheja Legend also coming up in Worli
Thanx for reminding me. After seeing that rendering i too was thinking that i have seen it before.
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