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Raheja Atlantis -- Worli, Mumbai

One of the furthest along of the major skyscraper proposals by builders K Raheja Universal, Raheja Atlantis is already making its mark on the growing Worli area skyline.

Like most of K Raheja Universal's other couple-year old projects, the building was abruptly changed mid-design as the developers switched architects. The original proposal was not an unpleasant looking tower of 30 stories:

^ The older design

Presumably, as increased FSI was allowed for the plot, the tower was changed to its current classier, glassier design. The tower is designed to reflect the undulating waves of the ocean on its form.

^ The back of the building is shown in this pre-rendering of the finalized design. Note the changes in the crown and the podium.

Raheja Atlantis now stands at 40 floors (37 floors of apartments on top of a 3 story parking garage podium), and its location near the shores of the Indian Ocean will give some pretty neat views as well as making the tower rather visible itself.

It also has an interesting green swoosh down the seaward-facing side of the building, formed by a lush placement of plants on the balconies of the apartments. Though there are two 'swooshes', Atlantis is designed so that all apartments will have some of the greenery on their decks.

As I mentioned before, the tower is well under construction. Here it is in Sept, 2007 in a photo taken by Humayunn NA Peerzada:

And a fairly recent March 10, 2008 update:

Thanks to Jai for the writeup.

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oops...I forgot to add the city`s name in the thread title, can the mods please edit it. thanks.
You're able to do that yourself using edit. You also forgot the height in metres that is supposed to come after the name of the building. 'Worli' indicates to everyone that this is the name of the city that it's located in.

If you look, there is a set methodology to how the thread title is supposed to look. Make sure MUMBAI is written in capitals as well.
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