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Worth Watching - States of Independence

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A good documentary that contains recent images of kinshasa and a lot of info on the country's History

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Sadly but true.....
You cant eat potential.
Kabila and his regime make me sick.
I don't have the guts to watch docs like this.

Only a revolution would be able to get rid of this stone age regime.
America The Story of Us - Episode 7: Cities

:) Kongo The Story of RDC

Is it possible for us to build up our country in a relatively short period of time without making major mistakes or suffering serious setbacks? I should say yes, it is, because we have conditions favourable to development...

"We are land of many nations, we are new world explorers, we are the hubble masses yearning to breath freedom, we will risk it all, we have the courage to dream the impossible and make it the truth, we stand our ground charge head long towards our destiny"

Plot Summary: Many go to work building a new frontier: the modern city, one of America's greatest inventions. The high cost of land in cities like New York and Chicago means the only way to build is up. A new kind of building, the sky scraper, is made possible by steel. Produced on a massive scale by Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie, steel production underpins the infrastructure of the modern city. This new urban frontier draws rural migrants and newly arrived immigrant workers. The lawless city offers opportunities for many, astronomical wealth for a few. In New York, police chief Thomas Byrnes uses his violent new innovation "the third degree" to keep a lid on crime. Powered by steel and electricity, the city begins to be tamed and defined by mass transportation, stunning skylines, electric light...and the innovative, industrious American spirit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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