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Would you like to have it in your city?

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Would this be nice for Europe?

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In the Brazilian forum, one forumer thinks every European city would be happy to have such a project, thinking we are running after the rest of the World in terms of construction and modernity... Following his arguments this style would suite very well into European cities since it was Euro style. I think it is more of a cheap copy of European style...
So, would you like to have that thing in your city's skyline??? :lol::nuts:
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Looks better than many highrises in Europe. So sure, why not (in a city like Berlin which only has commieblocks anyway).
Looks like something from asia Vietnam perhaps ? The only european city that could built monstrosity like that could be either Kyiv or Moscow...
Looks like an upgraded commie style. No thanks.
Another piece of jungle lost, we don't have such over here.
Awful kitch it looks like crap , they could name it "Los tastelessos towers" or something.
Looks like bunch of pagodas.
It looks way worse on some models I've seen. It's going up in Sao Paulo, eh?

Nothing against neoclassical highrises such as The Elysian in Chicago - but those Brazilian ones are going to look awfully cheap.

You can't build 4 of those ones next to each other, on the same base building. That's always going to look kitsch. They better have spread them over a bigger area or smth.
There thousands of buildings in Europe much worse than those, but that doesn´t means that those aren´t in fact buttugly. I wouldn´t like then to be build in my city, or elsewhere in europe but in benidorm or another place like that for the matter.
They would look good next to Eiffel Tower... in Las Vegas
If they demolish commieblocks for that, yes.
Otherwise thanks... but no, thanks.
Base part is especially tragic. Towers themselves - OK, they are at least interesting to look at. Build one, f.e. the leftmost tower, and it would be quite OK.
Build one, f.e. the leftmost tower, and it would be quite OK.
Twice the size, of course. :banana:
It fits Moscow or Asian cities but not to European cities.
The roofs are European though.
The body is kinda "cartoonish 90's Euro-style".
But it's not THAT scary.
Like someone said - would be nice to replace some rundown commies with this - with a nice existing skyline in background - and it'd pass.
But not in any European city - not by a long stretch.
Looks like something that you get for free with a Happy Meal.
Look like european buildings built on a communist underground, the problem is that the underground is visible ! :lol:
1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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