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Would you say we are beyond Postmodern architecture?

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With postmodern architecture being as eclectic as it is, would there be an argument that we have begun to move out of this style? If so, what are we trending towards?

IMO, there has been a recent steer away from expressionist, deconstructivist ideas, and more towards functionality, space, green living, and sustainability. And of course, there's the supertall.
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and more towards functionality, space, green living, and sustainability.
Unfortunately very few of these new buildings actually look good.

I do not think we go "beyond" any style. The popularity of a particular style may take a hit but it is quite likely at some time in the future that style will regain its former popularity. Many new homes are being built in styles that were popular many decades ago, that style has risen again.
well I think you may be using the term postmodernism incorrectly. We are definitely beyond those days. Post modernism was a response to modernist ideas of people such as Corbu or Meis. But how unapologetic postmodernism was has inspired todays architecture :)

The latest in architecture would be the word "affect". materials can create a unique expression to each user of the building and its space. H+dM are masters of this. Take a look into books such as The Function of Ornament and look into buildings such as the De Young, Laban Dance Centre, and I'm too hung over to think of more exotic ones lol.
If you consider deconstructivism a facet of post modernism, then you would have to say that postmodernism is very much alive. However, I dont view it in such a way. Deconstructivism, while born of the post modern movement, now has a life of its own, moving in its own directions which postmodernism never intended to go. for all intents and purposes, i would say postmodernism is dying. Architects such as Pelli and KPF still desighn in the post modern style, but fewer and fewer emerging architects are choosing to do so.
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