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WTF??? New law passed in Bangladesh

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6-month jail for offenders

Parliament yesterday passed a bill making strong provisions to protect women and children from family violence and repression.

The legislation styled 'Family Violence (prevention and protection) Act 2010' authorises the court to hold trial in camera on consensus of both parties to dispose of cases filed under this law.

“A person might be punished with up to six month's jail term and a fine of maximum Tk 10,000 or both for committing offence,” says a provision of the bill.

It also says a person, filing false case with ill motives, will face up to one-year jail term and a fine of maximum Tk 50,000 or both.

According to the legislation, family violence means physical and mental torture, sexual harassment and financial loss caused by a person who has family relation with the victim -- woman or child.

Interfering in personal freedom, hampering normal movement, communication or expression of personal will or opinion would be considered as mental harassment.

State Minister for Women and Children Affairs, Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury proposed to pass the bill.

Defending the enactment of the legislation, the state minister said in most cases women are being subjected to physical and mental harassment in houses, which ultimately causes severe damages to their physical and mental health.

“Therefore it is imperative to build social awareness by enacting the law to prevent family violence,” she said.


Now expressing a personal opinion is a crime? (Only for men, or course.)
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Where did you find that? I mean how do you interpret it to be "expression of personal opinion"? A conviction stemming from violation of this newly passed law has to be decided by a court of law, so I'm sure it wouldn't be an easy thing to prove. While I am for such laws that attempt to provide some safeguard for women, especially the ones who are harassed and tortured by their spouses/in-laws, I can clearly see that it may be misused, given our weak and corrupt police and the judiciary.
Which is why I'm glad that there's a provision to acknowledge that it may be misused, and a punishment has been set aside if proven that the allegations are false.

I don't know much about BD legal ways, but this seems like a step in the right direction...
Because historically, it is men who oppressed and persecuted women, and continue to do so. Even with many laws on the books across the globe, women are far from being equal to men.
I agree.
But the only way to start bridging that gap of inequality is to at least open up and acknowledge the fact that SOME men, do get abused and opressed in similar ways.
It's not the norm or even heard of due to the male dominated society of South Asia... but it does happen.

So the laws should make room for those precedents in the LEAST by including men's rights under that law as well.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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