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Khinalug is probably most famous village in Azerbaijan and definitely deserves separate topic.

Xinaliq (Khinalug) is a must see for any traveler coming through Azerbaijan. Isolated from the outside world for thousands of years, this village of roughly 1200 people has preserved its own unique language and way of life for generations. Homes are built tier style up the side of the mountain using stone work and many roofs are still made of earth and mud. A new road makes access to this mountain escape a more simple endeavor than it once was.

The village of Khinalug was included on the World Monuments Fund's 2008 Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites due to concern over the building of a road between Khinalug and Guba. The listing is not intended to criticize potential tourist and commercial activity in the village, rather it is intended as a warning that new development should not come at the cost of the site's essential, historic character. Moreover, Khinalug language classified as "severely endangered" by UNESCO's Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger.

Photos from Wikipedia and, and from authors klassjanb, ilkinh

Это место является историческим памятником ЮНЕСКО, который часто сравнивают с музеем под открытым небом и схожестью с затерянным городом инков — Мачу-Пикчу.
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