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Aden is a city in the Yemeni Coastal Plains, on the Gulf of Aden just at the Southern End of the Red Sea. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aden has a long and complex history.

* Marco Polo described it as a hub of commerce, where goods arriving by ship from the East were transferred to smaller boats for the trip up the Red Sea and on to Alexandria and Christendom.
* At one point it ruled a small empire, the part of Africa just across from it.
* In the 19th century, it became a British protectorate.
* It was the capital of South Yemen until Yemen was re-united in 1990.

Taxis are practical, yet always bargain with the taxi driver before getting in. Otherwise, they have the tendency to get it done at their high price. If you know the city very well, you can use the mini-buses along with the public. The mini-buses are easy to use; they follow an essentially circular path around the city. Find someone familiar with the area to explain their route as the fare for the buses is around 30 rials, or roughly a tenth of the average taxi ride. There are also many boats that will take you whenever on a little cruise on the sea.

Aden International Airport is accessible, yet if you are in Yemen it is better to drive there. You can also rent cars from international companies. Driving in Aden is not as fraught with peril as in the north, as Adenis seemed to have learned driving skills from the British.

Aden is especially known for the beautiful beaches and swimming activities. Besides this, Aden has the only considerable nightlife in Yemen, and foreigners can enjoy wonderful Arabian nights.

Furthermore, Sport fishing should be considered. Tunas and sharks can be hunted near the coast.

A Visit at the Gold Mohur Beach and Elephant Bay Hotel is a must. For women traveling alone, there is also a women only beach located at the Sheraton Hotel. Excellent snorkeling is available although not as clear as Sharm El-Sheikh.
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