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Soem are a bit blurry. i was a bit sad in a way becasue the opportunity may not arise again. anyway-
top of the amp bulding (130m)-

looking down on one of the setbacks-

the side of bankwest and aapt-

the central shopping core of the city plus barracks plaza (UC)-

looking down on axa and other smallies-

bankwest, amp and other city talls-

looking down upon the city from about 135m up-

up over the river-

the top of bankwest-

northern cbd including testra and statton-

looking down to paragonand rydges-

western cbd-

qv1, woodisde and westperth-

the rydges which was an ex-office tower back in the early 70's-

qv1 and woodside-

Hewlett packard centre-

everyones favoruite pcec haha-

the narrows and the nmr cityworks-

the top of BHP Billiton Square-

the northen cbd-

upper london house and mt newman house (80m/85m)

what dreams are made of-

the city talls from this fine angle-

the new 12st allendale 2 development from exchange plaza-

Condor tower (82m) has begun!!!!!-

altaire (65m) should begin to rise soon (taken from 251 adelaide)-

The new esplenade tunnel (from australia place)-

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Most of the pics look pretty good to me. :eek:kay:

LOL @ "smallies". I see a lot of cranes around Perth too.

BTW What is happening on the roof of the other building in the 2nd pic from the top? Looks like a moon crater has been dug out with a couple of yellow mobile cranes up there as well. :eek:

Muse said:
As mentioned, 2nd pic from the top. Is it @ street level or on a roof? I can't tell. Looks like they're digging into something.
Ah ok, didnt look at the pic close enough and see the crane but yeah, as mentioned that's the grd level works on the William St underground station area.
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