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Your Cities Annual Budget

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Example: The City of Philadelphia has an annual city budget of 6.5 billion dollars in spending. Operating Budget 3.5 Billion. Capital Budget 3 billion. Indicate your city name and cities annual budget.
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Toronto's is $7.6 billion CDN. That covers a population of 2.5 million.
DrJoe said:
Toronto's is $7.6 billion CDN. That covers a population of 2.5 million.
Yeah, good for Toronto that's a big budget. 6.5 billion dollars..
Hong Kong - about US$34 billion (HK$265 billion)
hkskyline said:
Hong Kong - about US$34 billion (HK$265 billion)

That's one big budget. That's the benefit of a SAR, I think that's almost as large as NYC and Possibly Tokyo.
I don't see why it is so good having a big budget, having a big GDP is great, but I rater live in a city with smaller budged and big GDP (less taxes),
Zürich (city) has about 5 billions spending for ~366'000 people

This stuff isn't really comparable anyway, one country has healthcare at local level anothe at federal ect. ect.
London: £77,690,736,541,003,678,901,850,679,998,221,090,505.
"Toronto's is $7.6 billion CDN. That covers a population of 2.5 million."

That's the operating budget...the capital budget is another $1.25 billion.

But of course, there are other city spin-off corporations that operate Toronto Hydro, Toronto Port Authority (a crown corporation), etc.

Municipal budgets are misleading, as it depends on what services they include and don't include. Many things may not be owned or operated by the municipal corporation.

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336m million dollars for a population of 100,000 people in City of Sydney.

City of Sydney has a surplus of around 85 million dollars a year, which is a AAA credit rating.

Totally, 100%, debt free. Nothing, zilch, blink, nought, nothing.
The Gold Coast has a AU$813million budget for 500,000 people.

That doesn't include Gold Coast Water(The Gold Coast City Council is the owner of the largest non-state government held water resouce in Australia).
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