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This thread is all about posting pictures of your city skyline,infrastructure etc... as imagined in future years.
Enjoy pictures from CTRALTDEL


Original image from Anthem Properties.

Larger size
Original image by SurrealPlaces

As featured on Global News Calgary:

Original images from Regulator75

These are a collection of my interpretations of the future of Calgary. Each image includes every proposed, approved and under construction building in downtown Calgary.

Distant future

The evolution of Calgary's skyline

Original photo by Regulator75, edited by me, double checked by Boris.

Photo by Regulator75.

All major proposed, approved and under-construction buildings viewed from this angle. The talls towers on the left are stand-ins for a major supertall proposal. (Gif by 1ajs)


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I heard there are halted projects in Calgary as a result of the oil price collapse. Do the renderings include all proposed projects from before the downturn?
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