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Birmingham's official site:
Check out our mayor- doesn't he look like the stereotypical corrupt big city mayor you'd see in movies? He's not corrupt or anything (that I know of), I just think that's a funny picture.

I like New Orleans' site because you can pay parking tickets online. Just paid my one ticket for Mardi Gras. Here's a tip, folks- they give you big orange envelopes with the ticket inside in New Orleans, and they only cost $20. Many people charge up to $20 for good parking at Mardi Gras so what I did was got a ticket the first day, and every time I parked I put the ticket on my hood so it looked I'd already been ticketed. So I was there for 6 days, paid $20 for parking the entire week, and got some of the best illegal spots in town.

Mountain Brook: Bare-boned and not updated in 4 months
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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