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Your city's twin districts in other cities

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I’ve lived in both London and Paris and often try and explain to people who know one but not the other how districts in each city “mirror” each other.

Here’s what I reckon

The Marais = Soho
Montparnasse = Islington
Champs-Elysées = Oxford Street
16th = Mayfair
République/Oberkampf = Shoreditch
Belleville = Dalston/Hackney
Canary Wharf = La Défense
Montmartre = Primrose Hill
Châtelet-Les Halles = Kings Cross St Pancras
Pigalle = Camden
Quartier Latin = Bloomsbury

What do other people think?

Can anyone do other pairings, eg London/New York?
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I dont know London too well, so someone need to fill me in on this.

But from the top of my head i'd say:

Champs-Elysées = Oxford Street = 5th Avenue
Canary Wharf = La Défense = Downtown
The Marais = Soho = Soho, New York
Belleville = Dalston/Hackney = Lower East Side
Brixton = Harlem
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