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Your country emergency vehicles

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this is Lithuania emergency vehicles :)


the same van just dišrent line coulors

Fire trucks


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You've got Benz ambulances and Beamer cruisers? Damn, I'm jealous.
:cheers: The Netherlands;



Don't know if Flevoland uses this one;

Fire trucks;

This one is for airport Schiphol Amsterdam;

Hope you like the Dutch ones!:cheers:
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United Kingdom

Police Car (no set brand, lots of different car companies used)

Police Van/Mobile CCTV Unit

Diplomatic Protection

Transport Police

Heddlu (Welsh Police)

Police Smart Car (Special)

Metropolitan Police Super Car (Special, unknown if entered service, may just be promo)

Air Ambulance/Police Helicopter

Fire Engine

Quick Response Ambulance


Ambiwlans (Welsh Ambulance)

Ambulance Cycle
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Not exactly a country but


Photos by Dennis Chan




Despite being in Asia, HK prefers using European vehicles for its service
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Greece, some of the emergency vehicles:


Police cars

Police bikes

Fire fighting vehicles

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Look at the land that is ruled by green dwarves (not Marsians;)

The Germans still have the coolest police vehicles ah :rock:

More pics from Porsche police car

The "old", green design:

Former Police-Porsche:

Good traditional VW Beetle:

Old VW Bus:

Traditional Radio-vehicle:

A special one, the cult-car Trabant (Trabbi) from the good old German Democratic Republic (GDR) - I'm just in love with it :hug:

Just a smart police car from Smart ;)

Police helicopters:

Unimog at Oktoberfest (Munich):

Prisoner transport-bus:

Feldjäger - The military police in Germany:

Escort for foreign state guests (in Berlin for example):

1st May:

And an absolutely great official version ;)

The new, blue design:

The Smart in blue ;)

Perhaps for the close lanes in Munich?

Comparison - little Opel Corsas with blue and green:

New Bikes:

Some examples of the new helicopters:

OK, I think that could be enough with green and blue for the moment :banana: Hope u n-joyed it :lol:
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Some emergency vehicles from California:

California Highway Patrol (CHP):

CHP motorcycle:

Sacramento City Police:

Sacramento City Police motorcycle:

Sacramento County Sheriff:

Nevada Highway Patrol:

Typical All-American Fire Truck:

American Medical Response:

Typical American Ambulance within Fire Department:
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Some more from California, mostly the Los Angeles Area:

LAPD on patrol at Venice Beach:

LAPD motorcycle:

LAPD Bomb Squad:

SWAT rescue:

LAPD Helicopters:

Los Angeles Fire Department pictures:


Suburban Fire Depts around Los Angeles:

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lol, the California vehicles are more like the stuff I'm used to seeing in Toronto. It's crazy seeing all of these luxury cars being used as emergency vehicles in Europe.
they must have calculated the cost-benefit and it comes out on the plus side for them...maybe their quickness is an advantage or the car companies have a deal with the government?
I don't know if a car is luxurious just because it's a Mercedes or a BMW, but these companies probably do have deals with the governments. All these Lamborghini/Porsche/Ferrari/Whatever police cars are just publicity stunts, while most policemen drive something more "normal" like a Skoda or a Renault :)

Those long Californian fire engines are awesome!
I never understood these many types of Police in the USA... Sheriff, Highway patrol, Police... etc... Do they all do the same work and have the same authority?
lol, the California vehicles are more like the stuff I'm used to seeing in Toronto. It's crazy seeing all of these luxury cars being used as emergency vehicles in Europe.
LOL I remember a friend's friend from USA that came here and saw a MB garbage truck, how impressed she was :lol:

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Ok, so here is what we have in Russia:

Road Patrol Service

To the right of MB are Lada Samara and Lada 2107


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