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Your favorite Skyscrapers in NC

This thread is self explanatory......................
It would seem that Charlotte would be the leader in this choice...but you may be surprised! Someone may just like the towers of the other NC cities, some may not, and some may be in between or confused...let's see what you like!!!!

Charlotte's superscrapers are shiny and new
Raleigh's collection is uniformed and unique
Greensboro's highrises sets a serious tone.
Winston Salem's towers follows Charlotte's lead
Durham's buildings are nice but spread out!
Fayettville's SyStel Tower is the only one in town but deserves to be mentioned!
Let me know....... your favorite may be the the tallest in Goldsboro (Wayne Bank Building) or the Reynolds Tower in Winston-Salem. It doesn't necessarily have to be the tallest building that's your favorite it could be a short scraper (By NC terms, 10 stories and above)

For me I like........

Charlotte (The tallest isn't even my favorite)
I like the tall Box building (One Wachovia...I believe)
The Westin...because its weird flat- looking!
The BB&T Tower
The Heirst Tower

Progress Energy .......(Looks like a shorter version of Blake Carrington's Office Tower on the nite soap, Dynasty)

One Exchange Plaza...just 10 stories but I like it.....

333 Corporate Plaza

Wake County Office Building

and the weird looking Archdale Building.......

The only one I really like is the old Wachovia Tower.........

Winston Tower

Durham ..........................
CCB Tower

Wachovia Tower at Erwin Square

Capital City
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Good thread! Here are my favorites:

1. Hearst Tower (by far)

2. Bank of America

1. Two Progress Plaza

2. Wake County Office Building (not a very good picture, looks a lot better from the front)

3. Wachovia Center

Wachovia Tower


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I have to go with BofA, in Charlotte. To me, that is the definition of skyscraper. Other high-rise candidates include Jefferson-Pilot (Greensboro), RJ Reynolds (Winston-Salem) and the former CCB tower (Durham). I am afraid to admit that I have no real favorite from Raleigh, due to lack of great-looking towers (in my opinion), but if I am hard-pressed to decide, it will be One Progress Plaza.

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Raleigh-NC I'm surprised at you , however you are entitled to your opinion and I do not try to force people to like what I like.......but if I could make one last attempt to do so, I thought you would at least like The BB&T Tower and Wachovia Captol Center....a lot of outsiders say that they are the only true skyscrapers Raleigh has despite the fact that we have One Progress Energy and other 20+ story builings that fir the skyscraper catagory......!

I like the clean lines of the One Progress Energy Tower...its simple and I like the way it flairs out at the base of the Tower.some nites during the summer or even winter holidays, they lite up each colunm in the facade of the tower (blue, pink, green etc...)
INthe early 90's Raleigh used to light the whole skyline for christmas. All of the taller buildings would be outlines in lights and the BB&T Tower setback lights would bered and green , giving it a giagantic christmas tree look.

Going back to the One Prgress Energy Tower it also resembles the tower I like in Charlotte....One Wachovia (I hope i'm saying rite!). It just looks important..corporate nothing fancy..its letting you know "we mean business".

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Wow, this is tough. I'll try not to be biased, but it's not gonna work...
(I'll throw in some photos for Charlotte towers not yet shown in other responses)

3-Wachovia W/S
4-Wachovia Charlotte

5-Interstate Tower
6-Wachovia Raleigh
7-Jefferson Pilot


10-The Westin Charlotte

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ejohnson, I must have let you down, but this is true for me: Raleigh lacks an impressive-looking tower that can be seen as a symbol of our skyline. I am not suggesting that Raleigh's towers are butt-ugly, but when compared to other towers around the state, I would like to be a bit down-to-earth and face reality (again, from my view point). My biggest hope comes from the proposed Reynolds tower, regardless of its final height. If they do it right, then I will change my mind, but until then it will be (list of Raleigh favorites):

1. One Progress Plaza
2. Wachovia Center
3. Two Hannover Square
4. Wake County Offices
5. Two Progress Plaza
6. 333 Corporate Center

You know how much I love and appreciate DT Raleigh, which is why I need to be more "harsh" sometimes.

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I didn't have to do that list for me. I just thought you were gonna put something down for Raleigh....ha! I'm Spoiled!
NC just has some beautiful skyscrapers (old school and new school!) Its hard to pinpoint them, if you are gonna be reasonalby objective and try to keep from being bias. It just seems that Charlotte woiuld be everyones choice,even mine but I had to learn to appreciate the whole state becaiuase Charlotte is not the whole state even though it represents us being the known nationally!

I love NC................we are the world, we are the children...........
Another picture review:


Greensboro looks like a small slice of Charlotte in this photo!





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