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your favorite tyre is


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Michelin (world's biggest tyre company) - France

Bridgestone (world's 2nd biggest) - Japan

Goodyear (world's 3rd biggest) - USA

Continental - Germany (world's 4th biggest)

Sumitomo (Dunlop brand) - Japan (world's 5th biggest)

Pirelli - Italy (world's 6th biggest)

Yokohama (known as 'Advan' brand) - Japan (world's 7th biggest)

Cooper - USA (world's 8th biggest)

Toyo - Japan (world's 9th biggest)

Kumho - South Korea (world's 10th biggest)

Hankook - South Korea (world's 11th biggest)

Ohtsu (known as 'Falken' brand) - Japan (world's 12th biggest)

Tears of Buddha
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Falcon83 said:
I prefer yokohama and good year.
are you sure Pirelli is smaller than Continental and Dunlop?
Pirelli, the Italian tyre manufacturer is the sixth largest tyre manufacturer in the world with annual sales of $US 3005 million (1998).

source: Tyres-Online UK

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Rapid said:
Michelin or Bridgestone. They can handle to technology of today's F1 cars.
Besides, Enzo Ferrari admits only Bridgestone's 'Potenza' tyre.

Enzo Ferrari

Potenza RE050 for Enzo

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rufi said:
michelin has the coolest logo


Its threads like this, that show me that SSC knows nothing about cars and racing.

Hey, but I've got other forums for that.

This is an open ended question as budget and driving conditions play a large role on tire choise.

On the track when it is dry, I choose Hooser comps. In misty conditions, I switch to Toyo RA1.

For my summer street cars, I choose Bridgestone S03 (the best tire), but will opt for Continental when I am feeling cheap.

Last winter I used Dunlop Ice and Snows, although I am dying to try Perelli's new winter tires.

On my SUV when I go offroad, I prefer Micky Thompsons. Probably most of this forum (outside US) hasent heard of these before....

Tires are like shoes, you got to match them for the occasion.

If there is one virtue I can impose on my "car ignorant" peers, it is the fact that there are only four things that touch the ground (when all is going well) on a car....

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Its amazing how strong the band identitiies for these comnies are when they make sonething as dull as tyres.

Things like Michelin Stars, Pirellei calendars, and Continential's football sponsorship really do have an effect.
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