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Your National Personifications and Emblems

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Tell us what are the the personifications , animlal, plants and other emblems that represents your nation :cheers:
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in Morocco, the Atlas Lion or the Barbary Lion or the Nubian Lion.

Mountain predators named after the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They are believed to be the largest lion subspecy. Apparently they are extinct and the last one was shot in the Atlas in 1922 :(

However, Royal Lions in Temera Zoo in Rabat Morocco are believed to their descendants. British Port Lympne Wild Animal Park is believed to own 12 specimen which are descendants of Lions owned by the King of Morocco. There are some more specimen in Addis Ababa zoo.

I have seen those lions in Temara zoo before. They are HUUUUGE!
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1- The Atlas Lion

2- Solomon Star

Solomon and David were two sacred prophets for both Jewish and Muslim Moroccans. It's the merinid dynaty who added it to the national flag

3- Sherifian Star

It was adopted in 1948 and it represents the 5 islamic pillars

4- The Almoravid Shell

Under this dynasty the Moroccan empire was extended over present-day Morocco, Mauritania, Gibraltar, Tlemcen (in Algeria) and a great part of what is now Senegal and Mali in the south, and Spain and Portugal in the north

5- The Zulfikar

The dhu-ul-fiqr or thul fuqar or zul-faqar or zulfikar (or any of a number of transliterations from the Arabic) has been used as a symbol of Morocco because the ruling Alaouite dynasty claims legitimacy by virtue of descent from the Prophet’s son-in-law, Ali. Dhu-ul-fiqr was Ali’s sword, the blade of which was split in half.

6- Star of Rub el Hizb

During the “pacification” campaigns in the early XXth cent., French and Spanish troops captured war flags from Moroccan tribes; these were based on the Marinid emblem, a red field with two yellow interlaced squares forming a star.

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Marianne is a personification of Liberty and Reason. She is present in many places in France and holds a place of honour in town halls and law courts.

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We have Uncle Sam as the representative of the United States. Historically, the first figure we had to represent America was Columbia. I don't think we use her anymore though since a more popular female figure would be Lady Liberty.

The animal that represents the United States is the Bald Eagle.

Last but not least is the Great Seal of the United States of America.

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Our coat of arms

Floral emblem, golden wattle tree (Acacia pycnantha)

Our flag

Aboriginal Flag

Queen Elizabeth II
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Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Israel shows a Menorah, a symbol of Judaism for almost
3000 years. The Menorah was used to light the ancient Temple in Jerusalem.
The Menorah depicted is according to the carving on the Arch of Titus, and
is surrounded by two olive-tree branches. The olive-branches symbolize the
land of Israel (Eretz Israel) but also symbolize peace.

The Arch of Titus


white with a blue hexagram (six-pointed linear star) known as the Magen
David (Shield of David) centered between two equal horizontal blue bands
near the top and bottom edges of the flag
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Our coat of arms

Where's the koala? :(
lol not on it but here is one for you
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^^i think they should be on the aussie flag lol they're adorableeeeeeee:hug:
Lilium bosniacum

is a lily native to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ljiljan in Bosnian means lily, and is often used with the adjective zlatni which means golden, so in Bosnia it is mainly referred to as zlatni ljiljan (golden lily) because of the somewhat golden color of the unique Lilium bosniacum. It played an important part in history as a symbol of the medieval Bosnian state, sometimes in the form of a heraldic fleur-de-lis, and also as a modern symbol of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegowina (until 1998).

Old flag (up until the 1998)

Medieval golden coin with liliums

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