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Your Personal Property Investments & The UAE Real Estate Market

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actually there have been so many threads about specific questions on specific properties like towers.

in my opinion it has become too much and a lot of double threads have been created.

this is why i go for a new sticky thread in which everybody is welcomed to ask our members about their views on specific property, private investment ambitions and the property market in general.
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"This is what Dubai will have to compete with to attract investors. No money down and guaranteed returns;

State of the Art Development
Leaseback scheme
Prices 49% below sold out phase 1
Properties fully furnished and fully managed!- No maintenance fees or responsibilities
9 Year Rental Guarantee at 5.5% index linked so increases
VAT paid by the developer
2 weeks personal use per annum
6% Cash Back -Making this better than a No Money Down Deal- and an additional one year’s rent paid in advance!
100% finance available (subject to status)
Total investment £6,000. All legal and mortgage broker costs covered

Pool, Spa, Massage, Gym
Ice Rink
Sound-proofed Professional Recording Studio and Nightclub
20 Boutiques
Bars and Restaurants
Conference Center

Scuba Diving Pool
Satellite T.V and Broadband Internet
Zen garden and Games spaces for children
Large terrace in open space above Pool with forest views
Cinema....the list goes on! "

Many leaseback schemes in France are failing.They sound like the ideal investment but there are many problems.I've got one.If you're interested in leasebacks, read the forum on

speak to Helen Eaton,

She is very helpful.

can anyone recommend an insurance company that I can insure my apartment contents with?

I have googled it, but all the companies I have contacted have told me they only insure UAE residents.

I live in the UK and intend to rent my apartment out in JLT

thanks in advance
Hi chefdude,

thanks very much for your help.I will contact them and see what they come up with.

regards Pete
Hi Viv,

thanks a lot.I'll check them out too.

regards Pete
^^ that's very harsh.A large part of the problem is that regardless of "due diligence" and what the contract says, it is very difficult to enforce what the contract states.
Not sure it’s fair to link Virgin cancelling London to Dubai route to an economic downturn. Perhaps they just can’t compete with UAE carriers like Emirates. I flew with to Dubai Emirates recently because they were cheapest. The flight was packed both ways.
I wonder what can be done.
Or you could just pay the tax due on your overseas income like you’re supposed to.
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I know what you mean about milking the system. I don’t know your country of residence, but mine is the UK and here there are too many people taking advantage of the system. Glad your business is going well enough to pay 5 times average tax but some of us just pay average tax to support the scoungers.
I pay 5 times the average amount on my business. Whilst the rest of society just milks from the system.
The loan has to be AED, then convert the loan to your own currency. If then the AED is devalued, the amount of the loan is also devalued. You could pay it off with your own currency, in which case your currency will buy more AED than before the devaluation.
Just wanted to seek the opinion of the experts here. I am considering to buy a home for us in Dubai. I have been always weary of service charges and I wanted to understand what a reasonable acceptable level

Considering that service charges are so high in Dubai, I wanted to understand which community projects / areas have the least service charges. Is there any website that we can refer for Dubai service charges.
Try TWS legal services based in JLT
I met with them and they were very helpful, though because I sold my apartment, I didn’t actually use their services
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