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Your Personal Property Investments & The UAE Real Estate Market

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actually there have been so many threads about specific questions on specific properties like towers.

in my opinion it has become too much and a lot of double threads have been created.

this is why i go for a new sticky thread in which everybody is welcomed to ask our members about their views on specific property, private investment ambitions and the property market in general.
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Legal advice

I have invested in PAD( Omniyat), since its on hold from 2008, no progress or communication from developer, i am trying to file a case
not sure how the dubai laws or whats the success rate or costs to sue the builder?
Any advice is surely appreciated

its frustating to pay all the money and no progress or communication

Rama Yada

Please PM, if its against forum rules
Any advice on Attorneys, i have a property in Omniyat but since its not progressing
i thought of pursuing legal route but i havent heard any success stories.
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have a property in business bay (THE PAD)
i been getting these emails recently

You're Invited - Citizenship by Investment
and Residence Middle East, April 28-29

Be our guest and attend the Citizenship by Investment and Residence Conference in Dubai on April 28-29. The conference will consist of a featured panel of industry leaders discussing key economic citizenship programs

how far are these true?
can you guys please give me some real estate broker websites to check the prices
i have a property with Omniyat, wanted to check the current prices

Guys, i am looking for a mortgage on a property with omniyat
can you please suggest some banks
i paid 50% down and 50% at closing

Rama Yada
Please send me a copy

As someone who has gone through the process and lived to tell about it, I would like to share my Dubai property buying guide called Buy in Dubai published on Amazon.

It discusses everything from choosing a location, to securing a mortgage, to understanding the MOU, to dealing with the government.

I am looking for book reviewers - if you would like to provide a quick review on Amazon, please message me either here or on my blog, and I will send you a free Epub or Mobi.


My email is [email protected]
Mortgage Info

I am looking for a mortgage for my property with Omniyat
can you guys recommend any banks
I am US citizen living in US

[email protected]
Guys, i got email from Omniyat saying that i need to register my property by June 30th , its 4% , there might be increase in registration fees after that
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Count i have sent your PM, can you respond

sucks, i hired an agent to register my apt on thursday, i wired the money and got the documents submitted to DLD on thursday
Guys, i am getting my unit handed over, i still need to pay 50%, i am a US citizen, what are good banks to get mortgage

i am not UAE resident and i dont have any bank account
QQ, my property in PAD is ready to be occupied, banks contacted me for loan approval, whats the current situation in DUBAI, everywhere its dire state, how long will the developer hold the property if you dont take posession, they took 12 yrs to build it.
guys how is the market there, i have a unit with omniyat, live in US not even sure i want to take possession
guys how is the market now, need to take posession of unit in PAD, not sure of future of UAE with pandemic everywhere in the world, any advice is highly apreciated
Any Omniyat The PAD owners here?
Guys Need opinion, cant make up my mind
Bought 1bd room in PAD( Business Bay, Omniyat) back in 2007 for 1.9 mil AED, paid 1million upfront, after 15yrs they have completed the project and asking me to pay the rest and take possession
right now its worth 1.2mil at the max, what would you guys do if you are in my shoes, they might throw in another 10-20% discount.
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