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YS Falls is located on the South end of Jamaica in a parish called St. Elizabeth. It’s on a working cattle ranch and thorough-bred horse farm.

Like much of Jamaica, the falls are surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful trees.
Many people say YS Falls is one of the most beautiful sights they have ever seen.
There are a total of seven waterfalls on the property. Most of them cascade into natural pools.

Be prepared as the water is ice cold but also very refreshing.

A 10-minute tractor ride will take you up to the falls. The scenery on the way up is absolutely beautiful!
You will get stunning views of mountains, lush fields with horses, and ride along the beautiful river.
The tractor will drop you off by the gift shop and this is where you decide what you want to do at YS Falls. There is something for everyone here.
YS Falls Jamaica

YS Falls Jamaica Panoramic by Jason McIntosh on Flickr
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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