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Z-berth, Seaforth Dock

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Mersey docks in nuclear sub plan

Apr 12 2006

EXCLUSIVE by Rob Merrick, Daily Post

SCHOOLS and homes would be issued with cancer-fighting emergency tablets under shock plans to bring nuclear submarines back to Merseyside, the Daily Post can reveal.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is in talks with local authority leaders about reopening a mothballed "Z-berth" at the Port of Liverpool at Seaforth, to allow the hunter-killers to dock for supplies and to change crews.

Under the plans, schools and homes near the port would stockpile potassium iodide tablets ahead of a visit to lessen the effects of exposure to radiation if there was an accident.
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Until 2001, the Royal Navy could use Z-berths in Broadford Bay, Cardiff, RNAD Coulport, Hull, Liverpool, Loch Ewe, Loch Goil, Portland, Portsmouth and Southampton. With the introduction of the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations in 2001, responsibility for production of emergency planning arrangements transferred from the Ministry of Defence to the relevant local authority. The Royal Navy has therefore temporarily ceased use of Z-Berths in commercial ports to allow local authorities time to develop and test their own plans. The Ministry of Defence supports and pays for this work.

The following Z-berths are now covered by the necessary plans and are available for use by the Royal Navy: Broadford Bay, RNAD Coulport, Loch Ewe, Loch Goil and Portsmouth. The MOD is currently working with Southampton city council to finalise the emergency planning arrangements necessary to re-establish full Z-berth status in Southampton, and is discussing the planning requirements for the berth at Portland with Dorset county council and Weymouth and Portland borough council. Preliminary discussions have also been held with Sefton metropolitan borough council in Liverpool.
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:) I read that as "Bradford" and had visions of Nuclear subs creeping up the canal to Bradford!
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