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otišao i neće se vratiti
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hlubach bubach
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Thank you L.F. :)

At the beggining of this thread, somebody should maybe summarize a short list of the all existing and coming projects related to the city of Zagreb.

In the meantime i am posting a beautiful night photo of Zrinjevac park showing how young spirit of first love our Zagreb's parks may radiate with :)


hlubach bubach
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Ohh LF, you dont have to, i mean, it was just an idea i thought it would be maybe helpful for other forum users interested in Zagreb to know what projects have been accomplished or about to start etc. :) I think I kinda saw that SinCity had summarized it already in the previous Zagreb update thread, we just gotta find it :)

7,716 Posts danas ste opako zabrijali na jadne nam politicke elite i osjetih se pozvanim da i moja malenkost nesto kaze u svezi s tim!!!
Bandić i ekipa oko njega su fakat nedostojni ovoga grada ...
briju vec 5 godina da sastave branimirovu u komad (800m)...
pricaju o produzetku vukovarske do sesveta a nisu se makli sa pocetne tocke...
slucaj zagrebcanka (100 000 m2)....
nisu dali Hoto toweru da bude svojih nikad prezaljenih 22 kata...
....ima toga u nedogled

a Miksic ne pase ovim nasim elitama zato sto covijek ima LOVU i nije ovisan i ne mora maznjavat ...
pa da ga se otarase pukla je prica o idiotu koji sora svoju zenu ...
i ispadaju svi kreteni koji se imalo preblize ovim nasim nedodirljivim obecanovicima
...a vrijeme curi ,curi i skvadra nist ne zisku

otišao i neće se vratiti
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Just a short resume of most important projects in Zagreb:

- VMD center Vukovarska (2005)
- Hoto tower (2004)
- Eurocenter (2004)
- Croatia osiguranje (2004)
- Europapress holding's building (2004)
- New train station in Čulinec (2004) and subway street under station
- VMD Radnička (2004)
- Utrina Olympic pool (2004)
- T-mobile's building in Vukovarska (2003)
- Branimir centar (2003)
- Pliva research institute (2003)

Under construction:
- Grand center
- Hypo center
- Eurotower
- Zagrebtower
- Almeria center
- Contemporary art museum
- Domovinski bridge
- Junction Slavonska/Heinzelova (close to finalisation)
- Rebro hospital upgrade
- Hotel Antunović
- Centarproject
- Business center International (former hotel International)
- Emporion business center (Heinzelova)
- 30 apartment buildings in Špansko district (POS)
- Apartment buildings in Baštijanova-Selska
- Business center 2000
- Spaz office building
- Vrbani 3 apartment district
- Hoto ville (biggest residental project in Croatia)
- Complex of Ministry of justice in Selska

Construction start this year:
- Kvaternik's square redevelopment
- Music academy
- Dance center
- „Neboder“ renovation
- New building for Zagreb ambulance service (Heinzelova)
- Underground garage on Tuškanac
- Underground garage behind Mimara
- GTC business and shoping center

Going thru planning process:
- New pavillion on Zagreb fair
- Congress center
- New library for Faculty of philosophy
- Metro project

I come in peace \V/
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Re-cap Zagreb Projects - sorry to all 56k users

Complited : Hoto tower - 15+1 floors

under construction:
Center Project

International - Business Centre

Don't know waht this project is?

VMD Centre

Contemporary art musem


Hotel Antunovic 3*


Grand Centre

Spax complex

Hypo Bank HQ

Music Academy

Rebro Hospital

Zagreb Airport new Air traffic control centre

In developmnet stages:

Zagreb New Airport terminal - this is only an artis vision actul prject designs are not yet done.

Domovinski Bridge

Business Centre 2000

University complex and campus

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long foot said:
I didn't know it is alredy U/C. Thanks, I added it to the list.
I think its been underway for a few months now.

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tonycro said:
Dear LF,

You did a realy great job with this list!
But, something is rotten in the county of Zagreb, as I can't see any mention of Erste, Reiffeisen & ZABA.

Tony, I thought Erste and ZABA were told to get lost with their skyscraper plans, or at least told to locate them to other more suitable locations.

Raiffeisen is OK because its about 17 levels opposite Zagrebcanka. But I havent heard further on this one either?

Did anyone find out what all the activity is behind Almeria. There was a discussion last week on this?

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I wisited that site behind Almeria some days ago, and everything is prepered for some works, but there was no table with plan, or mechanisation...

I bet they'll build some glorious and spectactular, breathtaking, never seen before, real architectular wonder - five story buildings! Crap!

otišao i neće se vratiti
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I have good news, guys! Open this link and read first article on the left side, it is about new GTC shopping center in New Zagreb:\03\16\24A24.PDF

Article is 15 days old, we somehow missed it.
Few days ago I saw machinery on that site but I wasn't sure what exactly they are doing. I guess this mean they sterted :)
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