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Zagreb Construction Projects


Centar Črnomerec - 26 level office tower on former TKZ industrial site opposite Trg Pravade (Zagreb’s legal district) Construction expected to commence in early 2007 (90+ metres)
Almeria Tower – 15 levels + 8 levels
EuroTower 2 – 12 levels
Avenue Mall Tower – 12 levels
Hypo Centre – 11 levels (4 building complex)
Radijal Office Building – 9 levels + 5 levels on Radnicka cesta next to Mercator and Business Centre 2000. 14,500 sqm at a cost of 19 million euros.
HEP Office Complex - 9 level building for new HQ on Vukovarska
SPAZ Office Building – 9 levels
Hypo Office Building – 9 levels on Ljubljanska Street
Business Centre 2000 – 9 levels (4 building complex)
Rapska Business Centre – 9 level office building and apartments (6 building complex)
Hypo Consultants Office Bldg - 9 levels (former Cimos Site) Completion of abandoned office project from the late 80s on Ljubljanska Street (23,000 sqm)
HZZO Office Complex – 8 levels for Hrvatsko Zavod za Zdravstveno Osiguranje on 8 Gradišćanskoj Street (9300 sqm)
Jadran Site – Office Tower Complex. Demolition work has commenced. Project yet to be announced.
Educational Complex – New education facility for lease by private schools. Being built by PB Grad. 4 buildings at 9 levels which will also include apartments. Location on Radnicka Street. To be 80,000 sqms of which 15,000 sqm will be for education purposes. Total project cost is 30 million euros.
Agram Office Building – 8 levels
Branimir Grad – Two 8 level buildings to house Croatia Osiguranje’s Health Insurance and Retirement Invest Fund departments
Radnička – Hektorovićeva – Supilova – Bunićeva – Multi building complex
Alkom Office Building - 7 levels
Croatian Bishops Council - New administrative centre of Catholic Church in Croatia
Donje Svetice - 10,000 sqm office building over several levels
Recro - 13,500 sqm office building over several levels

Zagreb Tower – 22 levels + 8 levels
EuroTower 1 – 26 levels
HOTO Tower – 16 levels
Business Centre International – 13 levels
Knežija Office Building – 11 levels
Centar Projekt (Privredna banka Zagreb) – 11 levels
VMD Centre – 9 levels
Grand Centre – 9 levels
Svetica Office Building – 9 levels
Boston Global Centre – 6 levels
Emporion Centre – 6 levels
InGrad Complex – 6 levels
VMD Promet – 9 levels
VipNet – 8 levels (12,000 sqm)
Croatia Osiguranje – 7 levels
Siget Office Building – 7 levels
NetCity - 12,000 sqm office building over several levels
Eurocentre – 6 levels
Europapress – 6 levels
Pliva Institute – 6 levels
Volksbank Office Bldg - 6 levels
Savska 3 – 4 levels

Neboder (Ilica 1) – 17 levels – Reconstruction / Renovation

Tower 123 – 123 meter, 32 story landmark office tower on Zagreb's western side. New tallest building in Zagreb and Croatia. 19,200 sqms.
Sky Towers – Twin 23 level office towers in Rudeš. Each tower becomes HQs for "Dalekovod" and "Zagreb Montaža". Construction commences early 2007. 62,000 sqm at 80 million euros. (See below)
Podbrežje Office Tower – 30 levels, part of Bandic Housing estate.
Zagreb City Council Tower – 20 levels (revival of 50 year old plan to house the city government)
Zvonimir Centar Twin Towers – Twin 13 level office towers on Branimirova Street (10,000 sqm)
Euroherc Tower – Additional 5 levels on existing 9 level tower. New total height – 14 levels
Vukovarska 296a – 9 levels

Office Tower – 35 levels on site of former Croatia Bus factory on Vukovarska Street. Being built by Graditelj Invest. Includes 850 new apartments in various sized adjacent buildings. Zagreb’s possible new tallest skyscraper!
Office Tower – 35 levels on Heinzelova Street. Zagreb’s second possible new tallest skyscraper!
Orco Property Group – Top secret, 200 million euro project planned by Orco Property Group. Chief architect for this project is world renowned Daniel Libeskind. Expected to be a major landmark in Zagreb once completed.
Bank of Zagreb Tower (ZaBa) – 30 levels project rumoured to be worked on by Daniel Libeskind, world famous architect of the New York WTC Tower.
South-East Gate Tower – 26 level office tower next to Domovinki Bridge. 106 metres tall
Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank Proposal - New 23 level tower proposed on south-western corner of Ljubljanska-Selska intersection. Going through architectural design phase. Tower to include in excess of 22,000 sqm new floor space over approx 20+ levels. It has been announced that Ljubljanska-Slavonska will accommodate tall towers on each corner of major intersections along this road.
Congress Centre Tower – 22 levels
Pivnica Zlatni Medo Site - 17 levels on intersection Savska & Vukovarska streets.
Tvornica Dugmadi Site - 17 levels on Savska Street.
Savska Steet - 17 levels opposite Veslačka street.
Hidroelektra Site - 9 levels on Savska street.
Zagreb Business Park – Warehousing and logistics centre (90,000 sqms) 75 million euro project.
Njivice Office Tower – 18 levels on Rujničke & Krivajske Streets
Autoservis Tower - 18 levels on Vukovarska-Savska intersection
Raiffesen Bank Tower – 15 levels
Siemens Site – 9 level Tower
Zagrebčanka Site – 100,000sqm site – Multi tower proposals
Parmolin Site – 19C industrial conversion
Buzin Central Business District (CBD) – New secondary Zagreb CBD. 5 skyscrapers and other various sized buildings
Gredelj Site - Industrial conversion of site to a new commercial zone. Total area for redevelopment is 130,000 sqm
Old Zagreb Stadium - Re-use of site to allow construction of 2 new skyscraper office towers and a bunch of low rise office complexes. Located in Kranjčevićeva Street, this site is very close to Cibona office tower
Veliko Polje - New commercial zone which is adjacent to Buzin in southern Zagreb near Airport. This is an expansion of popular Buzin trade zone which will include a further 260,000sqms of floor space in various new buildings
Hippodrome – Relocation to outer Zagreb in order to free up south bank of the Sava for new housing estate.
Martinovka – Complete redevelopment of this inner city location (110,000 sqm) on the south side of main east-west rail line. Extension of Zagreb CBD to include new office towers, retail and apartments. (See also Gredelj Redevelopment)

Erste Bank Tower – 26 levels


Nova Galerija - New dual 9 level apartment buildings on Ljubljanska. 198 units over 33,000 sqm. Beside Hotel Antunovic LINK
Podbrežje – Low cost multi building housing (2000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program. Approximately 30 apartment buildings.
Sesvete (New Sopnica-Jelkovec suburb) – Low cost multi building housing (2739 apartments in 53 buildings over 39.5 hectare site) – Mayor Bandić Program
RIS Factory site – 700 units in 12 new apartment blocks in Vrapče locality at the base of the Medvednice Mountains.
Oranice Apartments – 756 new apartments being built by Profectus in 7 buildings, mainly 4-8 levels. Oranice was recently semi rural. It will soon have 7200 new apartments with 20,000 new residents.
VMD Apartments – multiple 9 level buildings at 268 Vukovarska, near Heinzelova Street. Some commercial space also planned.
Zagreb Golf & Country Club – Luxury housing estate beside expanded 18 hole golf course. 54 Luxury villas.
Moj Dvor – 113 apartments in 9 level apartment block with cascading garden terraces as central feature. Trešnjevka location.
Knežija Apartment Complex – 9 levels, 21,400 sqm, 168 apartments planned for completion in 2008.
PB Project – 9 level apartment complex at 48 Radnicka Street. Being built by Marvel Gradnje.
Borčec-Orešje – 13 aparment blocks in Zagreb Hills district being built by Kamgrad
Vrbani 3 – Multi building apartment project
Vrbani (POS) – Multi building apartment project
Hypo-Qart Apartments – 4 building complex
Zvonimir Centar – Multi building complex. 334 apartments in buildings ranging from 5 to 7 levels
Heruč Apartment Complex – 4 interconnected buildings off Kvaternik’s Square. 6 levels above retail podium. (22,000 sqm on ex-Lipa Mill site)
Bednjanska street – 9 level apartment complexes
Safir-Telur Complex – 8 levels. Next to recently completed Grand Centar
AdriaInvest – 8 level apartment complex in Martinovka
Ilica 191 - New 7 level apartment / commercial complex
VMD Apartment Complex - 6 level multi building complex
Zavrtnica - Hypo bank site - multi building apartment project
Branimir Grad – Croatia Osiguranje development to house serviced apartments for the elderly in multiple buildings on Knez Borna & Branimirova Streets
TKZ Site – Redevelopment of former industrial site opposite Trg Pravde to accommodate 625 apartments in 3 buildings housing 1900 new residents. Being built by Konstruktor on behalf of property firm owned by Nikica Valentic (former Croatian minister). 4.5 hectare site bounded by Gradišćanskoj, Cankarevom, Selskoj & Ulica Baruna Filipovića streets. Total floor space including 25 level office tower is 118,000 sqm
Odra – 300 new apartments on 20,000 sqm site. Phase 1 completion in 2007. Phase 2 in 2008.
Habitus Villas – 11 buildings in Sveti Duh district housing luxury apartments
Medvedgrad Apartments – 90 luxury apartments in 15 buildings
Srebrenjak – 16 urban villas

Hotoville – Largest private residential (inc shopping centre)
Špansko (POS) – 30 building apartment project

Hypo Alpe Adria Housing Estate – 140,000 sqm project estimated at 150 million euros. 320 apartments in numerous 6-9 level buildings including an office component (84,000 sqm). Located on Ljubljanska street, the whole block centred around Svilkovci Street and Savska Opatovina is to be developed. This is a 5 year project commencing in mid 2007. Project has been in the planning since 1998.
Geoprojekt – 4 apartment buildings at Ravnice, off Branimirova Street in Maksimirsko Naselje.
Nada Dimić Redevelopment – Former factory on Branimirova to be developed by Croatia Osiguranje into multiple apartment blocks. 60,000 sqm site.
Hvarska-Vukovarska Apartment Complex – Buildings 5-9 levels tall with unique roof top gardens.
Gajnice – 550 units including hotel in multiple buildings. 170,000 sqms with possible new school.
Hypo City – 700 units in 8 buildings in Zavrtnica location. Funky design in buildings over 5-9 levels in height.
Mayor Bandić Apartment Program – Development on 7 locations across Zagreb to provide affordable housing for families and new immigrants. Total site development is 400,000 sqm (6 of 7 locations mentioned below)
Savice – Low cost multi building housing (1000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Borongaj – Low cost multi building housing (1000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Podbrežje – Low cost multi building housing (2000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Borovoj - Low cost multi building housing (1500 apartments) 30 various apartment buildings – Mayor Bandić Program
Sesvete - Low cost multi building housing (1500 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Žitnjak - Low cost multi building housing (2000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program. Mainly 5 levels in 26 apartment blocks. Ex Munja Factory site.
Oranice (POS) - New housing estate for up to 33,000 new residents. Adjacent to Vrbani. Medium to High density multi level apartment bldgs (9 level limits) - In Planning.
New Jarun apartment complex (13 buildings) – 2.8 hectare site next to Jarun Lake.
Zavrtnica Apartments – Next to Centar Zvonimir. Multiple buildings with 700 additional apartments. Includes 2x 13 level office towers.
Sesvetski Kraljevac (Naselje Iver) - Degrad is building 1000 apartments in 25x 4 level apartment blocks that will house 3000 new residents. In addition the estate will include a school, sports hall, small shopping centre, swimming pool amongst other public facilities. A new rail station is also planned for Sesvetski Kraljevac to provide quick public transportation access into central Zagreb
Savskoj Opatovina - New apartment zone in preparation.

Ban Centar - Luxury apartment complex off from Ban Jelacic Square in central Zagreb. Included retail on lower levels. Being developed by Konstrukto, IGH and ZaBa at a cost of 80-100 million euros over 32,000 sqm. 7 levels above ground with below parking levels. Site is presently a carpark which will be turned into the most expensive apartments in Zagreb.
Ciglane Redevelopment – Former Zagreb Brickworks in Črnomerec covering a 270,000 sqm site. A new central public park with 2 lakes is planned to be surrounded by highrise apartments (30,500 sqm). Includes a small shopping mall. Located on Kustošijanska & Bračunova Streets.
Česarčeva Street – New apartment-retail block planned off Ban Jelačić Square. 5 levels at a cost of 70 million euros. A new 700 parking station planned underneath. Total 14,400 sqm projected by ZaBa, Konstrukto & IGH.
Hvarska-Vukovarska Apartment Complex – Highrise apartment towers primarily on Vukovarska Street.
Old Trnje Redevelopment – Block bound by Slavonska Avenue-Hrvatska Bratska Zajednica-Sava River to see the demolition of old neighbourhood replaced by new 9 level multiple building housing project with 3100 apartments. 43.5 hectare site.
HUP Project at Bundek Lakes – Location beside Museum of Contemporary Arts. 21.4 hectare site for multiple 9 levels buildings. To house 6400 new residents.
Kaufland Residential-Retail Project – Location at Gornja Dubrava on former bus factory. 22 million euros with 150 units.
Njivice – 17 hectare site south of Vukovarska street to be transformed into new residential area by Geoprojekt. Proposed are 1900 new apartments for 5300 residents. Passing through the site is the extension of Strojarska Street which will lead to one of the 2 new Sava bridges.
Folnegovićevo naselje – New multi level apartment complexes up to 10 levels tall
Rudeš – Apartment complex for 1500 new residents including small retail centre.
Ghetaldusa Site – Former industrial site redevelopment into 850 new apartments. 12 hectare site on Ulica Grad Gospića
Elektroda Site – Former industrial site redevelopment on Vukovarska Street
Centar Bundek - New multi-building apartment/retail/commercial project adjacent to new recreational park in New Zagreb. To be built by Konstruktor & IGH, commencing 2007
Sigma Centar - Existing Pastor factory producing firefighting equipment will be relocating to new facilities by 2009. Site in Selskoj street to be redeveloped into 4 new buildings, 3 apartment buildings (250 units) and 1 office building. Total 24,000 sqm.
Dubrava – Multi building housing project
Dubokom Jarku – 2700 new apartments in 50 buildings. Location is north of Sesvete, near Popovac. (East Zagreb)
Blato Istok - 15 hectare site being developed into 1500 units by Zagreb City Council.
Savice - Eco-Settlement. Design contest being carried out in Europan 9.
Croatia Batteries Site - Location in Martinovka to be developed into 4 buildings over 31,200 sqm.
Jankomir - Prisavišće Site - Housing estate on 36 hectare site next to Jankomir retail zone next to Sava River being developed by Pionir. Multiple buildings up to 6 levels.


Avenue Mall (GTC International) – New 32,000 sqm multi-level shopping complex in Novi Zagreb
Zagreb Shopping City – 1,000,000 sqm complex includes retail, offices and entertainment zone all-in-one. Stage 1 commences early 2007.
Billa Centre – 7 levels on retail podium – Heinzelova Street
Mercator’s Ljubljanska Centre – Retail podium which includes a 8 level apartment complex on Ljubljanska Street (38,000 sqm)
Prebendarski Vrtovi – New shopping center in Tkalčićeva street opposite popular Kaptol Centre. Includes office and luxury apartments
Veletržnica – Central Markets in Žitnjak. New halls totaling 38,000 sqm in size
Mandi (Mercatonne) Centar - New 72,000 sqm shopping centre in eastern Zagreb on Slavonska street. Gruppo Zamparini is the developer. Its scheduled to open in Spring 2007 with 50 retail outlets and a huge supermarket

Hoto (Shopping) Center - 50,000 sqm
Kika Department Store – 30,000 sqm
City Center Zagreb - New 60,000 sqm multi-level shopping complex. Includes new German department store ‘Peek & Cloppenburg’

Zagrebački Kristali – Major redevelopment of former Kino Zagreb site including the large parts of adjacent areas within the block off Cvjetni Square. 100 million euros to be spent by HOTO Group in providing an elite retail arcade and residential complex off one of Zagreb’s main squares. Well known European architect Boris Podrecca design the stunning new complex known as the “Zagreb Crystals”. The 51,000 sqm complex will have 14 levels consisting of 5 parking levels, 2 retail and an further 7 residential, thereby 9 levels above ground.
GTC Centre – New shopping centre and commercial project by Polish firm GTC to be built on Slavonska Avenue in Žitnjak. GTC are currently building Avenue Mall in Novi Zagreb. To be 24,000 sqms in size at a cost of 42 million euros.
Zagreb City Centre – New 100,000 sqm shopping complex beside new Zagreb Arena in Blato-Lanište district. To be built by Hungarian firm TriGranit. To be built in 3 stages which will eventually house over 200 shops. Possible twin towers over 18+ levels.
Mercator Podbrežje – 32,000 sqm shopping complex for new housing estate, large supermarket and 65 shops.
Tkalčevićeva Street - Cluster of old houses to be replaced by new retail and residential project by 'Stijena Grad'.
Leclerc Redevelopment – Unfinished Leclerc Shopping Centre to be completed after site was purchase by firms Urba Zapad & Factum, located in Špansko on Ljubljanska Avenue. 25 million euros will be spent to complete the 60,000 sqm complex.
Dubrava Shopping Centre – Transformation of Dom Kulture into a retail complex by firm Alu-Kon.
Ibler Passage – New luxury retail arcade in the heart of Zagreb city centre linking Vlaska & Marticeva Streets, 50 boutiques over 4300 sqm.25 million euros being spent by firm Braxae.
Buzin Shopping Centre – Huge new 140,000 sqm shopping complex located adjacent to new Zagreb – Sisak motorway (see Buzin CBD project above). To be built by Immorent in conjunction with Hidrocommerce who own the location. Consortium will be known as Immokor. It will include one parking level underground with 2 large retail levels above.
Kings Cross Lanište – New 65,000 sqm multi-level shopping centre in the suburb of Lanište
Zagreb Fair – Huge shopping and entertainment complex next to Zagreb Exhibition Complex. 250 million euro project will see reconstruction of existing buildings and new ones built. Completion by late 2009. Planned are 15,000 sqm congress facilities, 34,400 sqms of hotel, 65,000 sqm of parking, 13,500 addition exhibition space, 12,000 sqm retail and 10,000 sqm of commercial office space. In final planning phase.
Marićev Prolaz - Extension of retail arcade running parallel with main Ban Jelačić Square
Kino Zagreb Site – City centre site redevelopment into retail podium with luxury apartments above
Vrbani Shopping Centre – 42,000 sqm shopping centre in new Vrbani suburb. Being built by former Croatian tennis star Bruno Orešar. 10 levels, 6 of which are above ground.
IKEA Store - International Swedish home products store opening store in Zagreb. Possible location in Zagreb Shopping City.



Rebro Hospital – Expansion to be completed by 2008
Emergency Control Centre – 6 levels
Trg Pravde (Justice Square) - New legal district for Zagreb. Currently going to international design tender. Project to cost 1.5 billion kunas.
Kvaternik's Square – Redevelopment of Zagreb’s second largest public square. Includes multi level underground garage
Faculty of Philosophy Library – 7 levels

Accor Hotel - 17 levels on Savska Street. Planned 2008 construction.
Hotel International – 13 levels
CUU Inn at Zagreb Airport - Hotel & business centre being built by Cuubus Austria

Maksimir Stadium – Scheduled for completion in 2009. The new Maksimir Stadium will seat 52,000 spectators. Architect Branko Kincl released the new modified design July 2006 which includes retracting roof and also pitch. Built in special lighting effects feature in the new design.
Handball Complex Špansko
Svetice Olympic Pool
Vrbik Ping-Pong Centre – To hold 2007 World Championship (12,000 sqm)
Dom Sportova Redevelopment - Expansion of current sport centre to include seating for 12-15,000 spectators. Reconstruction commences May 2007 at a cost of 130 million kunas.

Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA)
Zagreb Centre for Dance
Zagreb Histrionics Centre
Jadran Films – New 3500 sqm film studio in conjunction with Fortitude Entertainment Hollywood


Josip Lang Square Underground parking complex – 5 levels

Hotel Antunovic – 9 levels
Bundek Lakes - Upgrade of existing park to include new leisure facilities

Utrina Swimming Complex – Completed
Centar Dodir – Largest centre in South-Eastern Europe for deaf & blind citizens.


Mimara Underground parking complex
Tuškanac Underground parking complex (5 levels)
Branimirova Markets – Reconstruction and restoration

Zagreb Arena – New 18,000 seat arena to host 2009 International Handball Championship. Being built in Blato as per winning design by Branko Kincl. Expected completion is by 1st November 2009. TO be built by TriGranit and Ingra consortium
Dom Sportova – Upgrade of existing sporting complex for more capacity. 15,000 seats.
Kajzerice Stadium – A new reserve stadium for Maksimir pending 2012 European Cup. Location in Novi Zagreb.
Handball Complex Svetice – 5500 seat arena
Savice Lakes - Renewal of nature reserve with new sporting facilities. 2006/2007 start

Zagreb Academy of Music
Zagreb Gallery of Naive Arts


Zagreb Congress Centre – New congress complex including 20 level hotel/apartments.
University Hospital – Huge hospital construction to resume after site being dormant for 15 years
Trešnjevska Square – Redevelopment
Zagreb University – Extension of campus onto former Borongaj army barracks. 900,000 sqm site. Campus for 30,000 students.

Aqua City – Thermal Spa and Aquatic Centre in Zapresic
Aqua Park – 100 million euro project in Ivana Zelini to be built by Swiss firm.
Terme Zagreb – 50 million euro project in Blato district. Zagreb city council looking for construction partner.
Sljeme Cable Car - Expansion with new gondolas
Sports & Recreation Complex Sesvete
Sports & Recreation Complex ‘Chromos Savica’ - new facilities that include a new high-rise hotel
Sports & Recreation Complex Dubrava ‘Grana Klaka’

Zagreb’s Great Synagogue & Jewish Museum
Catholic Church – Trnjanskoj Savici
Trnje Church – New parish church with massive tall glass steeple.

Croatian History Museum – Being built within the site of the former Zagreb Tobacco Factory (TDZ) by Adria Group. 9000 sqms.
Zagreb Modern Opera – In planning
Zagreb Museum of Architecture - In planning
Zagreb Museum of Natural History - In planning
Zagreb Museum of Sport - In planning
Badel Exhibition Centre - In planning
New Museum of Croatian History - In Planning
Museum - War Memorial of Independence War - In Planning


Croatian Railways Service Centre – Borangaj. TO be built by 2008 at a cost of 250 million kunas.
Slavonska Avenue – Widening to 6 lanes. 2007 start
Zagreb – Sisak Motorway via Velika Gorica (South Zagreb)
Zagreb – Karlovac (Bosiljevo) Motorway widening to 6 lanes
Domovinski Bridge
Sopnica Station - New suburban station with completion planned for late 2007
Zapadni Kolodvor (Zagreb West Station) - Renovation
Sveučilišna Aleja - widening of important cross road (runs beside new EuroTowers)
Savskoj Opatovina - New rotor/intersection
Radničkoj - Road extension towards new Domovinski Bridge towards city centre. 4 lanes includes section for future tramway/light rail
Nova Branimirova – Road expansion / extension – Phase 2 underway
Zagreb Suburban Rail Expansion - On going upgrade of suburban rail network. Platforms on all existing stations currently being lengthened to 160m to accommodate new trains. New stations, new lines, new trains with elevated and underground lines – Announcement expected in September 2007

Jankomirski Bridge – Duplication of existing bridge
Junction Slavonska/Heinzelova
Čulinec Station upgrade
Gajnice Station upgrade

Jarun Bridge – New 6 lane bridge over the Sava including rail lines for Zagreb Metro. Winning design by Jure Radic. 700 metre long and 40 metres wide with an 80 metre tall central pylon. Projected between 30-50 million euros. Construction commences in 2007.
Zagreb Airport Passenger Terminal - New 65,000 sqm International Airport Terminal with 11 airbridges to replace current one that is close to capacity. Currently going through final design phase. Expected completion once construction commences is 2011. To cost approx 212 million euros
Šarengradska Project – New roadway from Jadranski Bridge to Cibona Tower
Sesvetski Kraljevac Station - Part of new adjacent housing estate to commence early 2007.

Zagreb Metro – Light Metro with 4 lines, underground in the city centre and either on or above-ground on the outskirts; construction planned to commence in 2009. Expected cost between 600 million to 1.1 billion euros. Creation of 2 main lines – north-south (Podsljeme-Buzin) and east-west (Dupec-Malesnica).
Bundek Bridge – Spanning Sava River to connect Ulica Republika Njemačka with New Zagreb - In Planning, 2007-08 start likely. To be the biggest and most spectacular of all Zagreb bridges.
Crnomerec Bridge – another bridge spanning the Sava river is planned.
Most Mladosti – Bridge widening.
Zagreb Northern Bypass – Northern half of ring road; will greatly relieve traffic in the Pod-Sljeme region of Zagreb and provide quicker connections to the motorway network. Projected at 340 million euros. To be built in stages between 2009-2015. 27 kms long from Zapresic interchange to Popovec. 60 percent will be on viaducts and tunnels.
Sljemenska Cable Car – Redevelopment of existing service with new cars and an extension towards current tram terminus. 5kms in length once finished.
Medvednica Tunnel – New northern motorway that passes beneath Medvednice Mountains behind Zagreb. Approximately 380 million euros.
Vukovarska Avenue – extension towards Sesvete.
Zagreb na Savi – Huge Sava River re-development to regulate river flow and hence allow new residential and commercial development right up on the riverfront on both banks. A new exciting project that will change the look of Zagreb for ever
* If you happen to find an unlisted project that is worth an attention and discussions, feel free to pm me or post projects in this thread, and I will add them to the list above. Thanks.

Oko Zagreba - The Eye of Zagreb

Our very own website of construction/developments/projects in Zagreb, run and maintained by dedicated forumer long foot. It's a dynamic page; continuously a work in progress, just like the city of Zagreb itself. Do check it out!

For all other non-construction topics regarding Zagreb, please visit ......

Zagrebačka kavana/Zagreb Cafe :cheers:


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Everybody is welcome to contribute and participate in this thread - so enjoy yourself, dear folks. :)

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puno sreče, kvalitetnih projekata i katova:D :eek:kay:

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Odlično SC, ali imam još jedno pitanje za sve koji će znati odgovoriti.
Ovo što piše pod approved za Podbrežje office tower (30 katova)...jesmo li mi uopće pričali o tome, jel postoje kakvi renderi? Očito mi je promaklo :dunno:...ali 30 katova je za Zagreb stvarno impresivno!

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Na natječaju za Podbrežje su bila dva prvonagrađena rada; jedan s office neboderom od 30 katova, a drugi bez nebodera. Ja bih volio da se tamo sagradi kakav neboder ali ne vjerujem da će se to dogoditi. Čak i ako se sagradi, imati će kudikamo manje katova od 30!!!!!

Nemojmo zaboraviti da su i u nagrađenim riješenjima za POS u Španskom i Vrbanima III bili zamišljeni brojni neboderi, a to se najvjerovatnije nikad neće izgraditi (barem ne tako visoki).

Što se rendera tiće, taj neboder je prikazan samo kao uspravni kvadar.

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Konstruktor krije informacije kao zmija noge!
haha...lijepa uspredba!
Ali stvarno, pa šta to nije katastrofa? mislim...toranj već u izgradnji, a nitko u javnosti nezna kako će izgledati !?! to je čisto kršenje ljudskih prava na informacije :D ;)

šalu na stranu......ali šta nije bezveze da kriju te informacije? pa tako će se prije ili kasnije vidjeti izgled tornja :bash:

otišao i neće se vratiti
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