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ZAGREB - construction update II

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time for a part II about Zagreb :)

Part 1 has been moved to the SSC archive and is still open for consultation but not for posting !!
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Aren't we all? :)
Dalmo said:
Thats pretty fast. I'd be interested to see what the next couple of projects will be.
Super! Kako se zgradi HOTO?
What is soo funny? Has it already been completed?
Walter Wolf said:
vrlo brzo!!!! :rofl:
Seems to me that this HOTO is a very big deal, and I couldn't be happier for Zagreb. BTW, how many projects are going on now? It seems to me that Zagreb took a little break, because before on the Zagreb thread, projects were all getting completed...

Nevertheless, I am extremely happy that Zagreb is changing for the better! :D Good luck! :)
My appologies if I was wrong, I wasn't aware of most projects because your thread get's updated soo often, I just skimm through some of the posts...HOTO was the most talked about, so ofcourse that is what I'm going to encounter most often! :)

Why is that? I thought the higher the population, the better it is for the city...Doesn't do much for Croatia, because it's not really immagrants, it's just people who want to move to a different location in Croatia...So overall, I'd think that these would be good news! :)
long foot said:
Hm, I am just reading in Jutarnji that, according to information from Zagreb police department, 80.000 people from other parts of Croatia moved into Zagreb in 2004. This city is going to be like hell in next new years.
I wasn't aware that Zagreb was really the main focus of Croatia. So then your saying that there are no cities in Croatia comparing close to Zagreb? Interesting...Anyway's...What's the government doing for all these people who are moving in...The is surely no way for any city to build enough homes to support that many people soo quickly, unless that was their main focus...What's the deal with that?
long foot said:
People move to Zagreb because it is easier to find a job here. Unemployment rate in Zagreb is under 10 %, lower even than in EU, while in Croatia is 17 %. Some statistics say that Zagreb GDP per capita is 19.000 $, while in whole Croatia is about 10.000 %. I mean there is a big difference between Zagreb and rest of Croatia.

I have nothing against pople who move to Zagreb because I wasn't born in Zagreb too. It is good to see city is growing, but we don't have infrastructure for so many people. We need metro, new avenues, highways, rails, residental districts, schools… You know what I mean.
Zagreb has infrastructure for some 600.000 people, but almost 1 million live here. That is the problem.

BTW, it is interesting that, according to informations from Zagreb police depatment, in Zagreb live 30.000 strangers :)
How much debt is Zagreb in? When you say, the government want to decentralize, you mean make the other cities in Croatia will similar value to the country?
Last years debt in Croatia was 25 billion! WOW! :eek2:
long foot said:
Something like that. Zagreb is developing spontaneously, without any help from Government, while other cities are not so progressive. That is why Government constructed motorways Zagreb – Split, Zagreb – Rijeka and Zagreb – Varaždin in last 4 years. It was the effort of giving a chance to other cities.
I am not sure about Zagreb debt. I know that Croatia's debt is some 25 billion $ :no:

But considering that we had 40 billion $ of direct war demages in Croatia and at least 3 times more undirect damage, our debt is peace of shit.

Anyway's...How many projects do you think are going on in Zagreb about now?
long foot said:
Yes, and it didn't grow in 2004. Prime minister Sanader is very proud on that :D
Cool, do you have pictures for those?
long foot said:
I don't know exact number, but I mentioned some of the most important projects above:

CA Museum

Homeland bridge
Reconstruction of crossroad Slavonska/Heinzelova
Boston Global
Metro – going thru planning proces
Can not wait...I am getting a digital camera over the summer, and I'm going to take every single picture of Sarajevo's projects...
long foot said:
No I don't but I will have it very soon. I finally got digital camera and after Christmas and New Year's Day I will take photos of them and post them here.
How's Zagreb's airport doing?
160 million euros! I personally don't think it's worth it...What the current airport look like, because if it's decent to expand on, there is no need for a new airport...

BTW, what is Zagrebs budget for the year 2005?
long foot said:
I alredy posted in Sarajevo thread: 1,5 million pasangers in 2003. Rate of growing is some 7-8 % every year. There is a plan of construction of new airport. It will cost some 160 million euros, I am not sure when construction shoud start, maybe in 2005. or 2006.
Very nice pictures...
Really? Why is that?
long foot said:
I don't like Zagreb-Split rivalry. In last few years it bacame hate.
I don't like the fact that Croatia is centralized, as Long Foot said earlier...

What is going to happen to Croatia if something bad happens to Zagreb, since it's a centralized country, that would be a BAAAD day...
I guess the project below looks alright...Mabye it's just the weather, but something looks "dead" in the photo. Nevertheless, I am sure the project will look good when done! :)
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